Prophecy of the kids – Fola Daniel Adelesi.

In circle of wild excitement
Made by their tiny hands
Tightly holding unto another
They leaped in response
To the order of
The acting commandant
Who chants,
‘Who stole the meat
From the cooking pot?’
Voluntarily, one of the chaps responds,
‘Number three stole the meat
From the cooking pot.’
And in protest to accusation,
Number three answers,
‘Oh, me?’ ‘Yes, you!’
The others answer.
It couldn’t be,’ he protests
And shifts his accusation
With each new suspect protesting.
Real fun it was
To those chaps
But all, under ex-ray,
Is a satire about
Our leandars
Or our politika mentor.
What an avalanche of wisdom
Resides in the nonsense
That makes merry
Heart of the innocent prophets?
Fola Daniel Adelesi

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