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I believe it is time to pull out your joker and you need to do that in order to win this game that you are in. if you don’t pull out that joker then there may be no other way to win. When I was much younger we used to play a card game. Many of them came with instructions and other players will either look for ways to drop all their cards first or make sure you have more cards on your hands. You can get to a level where it looks like you are losing but when you pull out the joker, everyone becomes shocked and you can win the game if you play it right.
We have gone past the first half of the year and using the joker is one thing that referees also use in the football matches that we all watch. Once they go through the first half of the game and they are not getting their desired results, what they do is to come into the second half ready with their joker. They let the game go on for a while and then introduce the player that can be their joker. This player is expected to be a game changer. In some cases it is almost certain that this player can help the team win the game. Without the joker being introduced, the coach might as well just say that the match is over.
You have also come into the second half of this year and it’s time to introduce the joker. This joker of yours can come into your business or your career. It can also come into some other things that you are doing. There must be a way to revive the game of life that you are involved in so that you don’t lose out in the game.
Maybe your first half of the year has not gotten you the desired results. Well, you now have the second half of the year and this is not time for you to think more about what is not working. It is time to think more about what works or what can still work for you.
It’s important to take a look at how you have been doing things and see if you need to stop some or intensify efforts in some areas. There are some jokers that will always work for everyone and I think that you also need to use them. Some of the jokers I have always known, tested to work and have used for my own endeavours include:
You have to network. There are so many things you can’t just do on your own and you can actually get such done when you network with other people. There may be things that you can do in ten years but networking can help you finish the same thing in less than six months. You have to deliberately spend money or other resources just to get into the right network and get things done easily and faster.
If you can’t communicate you just might be stranded. There is no crime in not being able to communicate your intentions yourself but you have to get someone who can. There are those who know how to communicate but don’t have much to offer and they are doing well. We also have those who have much to offer but can’t make sure because of poor communications. Communications can always be a great joker any time any day.
Branding in a way can be an aspect of communication but it is not limited to just communication. You need proper branding for what you are doing. Your brand has to communicate your intention to a certain level if you will achieve some level of success. There are so many companies or businesses out there. The ones that have created a successful brand are the ones that we know today. Even for individuals, the people who have created a successful brand are the ones that we know.
Changing strategy
It will be nice to be unpredictable in some ways. Don’t engage the same strategy all the time. Try to look for different ways to do the same thing and still get the results you wanted to get. If you are too predictable it just might be easy for others to counter what you are doing. It might be easy for them to work against you and make sure you don’t get what you want. Please review your strategy in all that you are doing. You can also seek new ideas or consult other people just to see what other strategies that can be engaged. It is proven that more success can be recorded just when we change some little things in our strategy.
Like a coach that desperately needs to win a match, please go ahead and introduce your joker so that this second half can be a lot better than the first.

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