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The subject of purpose is such a powerful one and one of the things you need to realize about it is how it births commitment. I recently wrote about how you have to lose some freedom to purpose in order to achieve it. It is not enough to lose that freedom for the purpose you want to achieve, you have to be sold out to that purpose.
When you become sold out to that purpose then nothing else matters. Nothing else can be discussed with you until that purpose is settled. There are no other considerations for you since the issue of your purpose has not be taken care of.
Without commitment you cannot fulfil purpose. Over the years some people have asked me how I am able to write so many articles consistently and I am always coming up with fresh content. Some people have concluded on their own that it is because I am gifted for it. They say I am just blessed. While that may not be wrong, I should say or remind you that I am not the only one gifted for either speaking or writing. There are so many others out there who are gifted for it but those of us that you know are the ones who have made some commitments to the purpose of our lives.
I always want to seize every opportunity to talk to people about discovering their life purpose. That is a good thing to do because people must discover their purpose in life. Unfortunately, the most important thing to do is not to discover that purpose. I am sure that may shock you. That notwithstanding, you will agree that fulfilling the purpose is more important than just discovering it.
Many people in the world actually discover their purpose. Some are currently discovering their purposes in life. A few others are doing something else at the moment but they also know what their purpose is. The only thing is that they have not been committed to that purpose and until there is a commitment, there cannot be a fulfilment.
Commitment to my purpose is what keeps me awake at night sometimes just to get things done. Sleep is sweet but when I remember that commitment, I sacrifice some of my freedom to sleep and follow the commitment so that the purpose can be achieved.
You will also get to a level when you are serious about your purpose where it is your commitment to the purpose that drives you. You no longer have to think about it. You are just going and going and you do not feel like stopping. Some people have a great purpose but they never achieve it. That’s because they stop half way into the purpose. They are not committed. Some others have a little purpose but they are so committed that you will think they are so great.
Commitment is one of the difference makers. It is one of the things that will determine who will finish strong or who will fall off on the way side. It will determine how much you can achieve with your dreams and how far the dreams can take you.
Do not make the mistake to believe that how far you can go depends on the number of talents that you have. There are those who are multi-talented and there are those who probably have just one talent. They do not know how to do any other thing. But with the one talent that they have, you can see that they have an unwavering commitment to their purposes in life. And you will see those that are multi-talented yet they are not achieving much. Why is that? Those who are multi-talented simply rely on talents and do not give each talent the commitment that is required. At some point they even have the problem of prioritizing. They do not know which one should come first or which one should be used at a certain time. If you have one talent, you better be grateful because there is no problem of focus. All you have to do is to commitment.
Your commitment to your purpose has to be like the commitment of a pregnant woman to the baby in her womb. You can’t drop the baby when going to the toilet. You can’t drop the baby when going to the market. You can’t drop the baby because you feel tired. You and the baby are together until it’s nine months. The baby stays with you day and night until it’s birthed.
When you draw up and work through a similar unchanging commitment, then you are getting ready for some results that are greater than what you bargained for. Stay committed to your cause or purpose and you will be glad you did.     

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  1. I love this….and most of your articles….you are a great source inspiration to me…just what i needed to get serious about my writing…have a great week 🙂

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