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Although I have written about the fact that pressure produces results, I also need to state clearly the fact that it is not every pressure that we are supposed to be going through. There are some pressures that people are going through that are not needed or not necessary at all. When pressure comes and you have options to opt out of the pressure then you need to ask the very important question about how this kind of pressure relates to your purpose. If the pressure you are about to go through has nothing to do with taking you closer to your purpose then there is no point going through it at all.
Just as it is in the case of a mechanic who does not know what to do with a car and is just doing trial and error, so it is with many people and the pressure they are going through at the moment. You may see a case where a mechanic would have tried out so many things on a car and changed series of things but the car will still be messing up. If you take the same car to another mechanic you will just be told that you only to change one simple thing. When you change that simple or little thing the car starts working well! Many of us too have tried several things with our lives only to realize that all those things we have been trying are not working. Apart from the fact that the things we tried did not work, we also wasted resources trying to get the wrong things done.
There are different reasons people can be going through the wrong pressure or going through a kind of pressure that will not produce any result for them. Some of them include:
1. Wrong decision – There are people who are going through some forms of pressures right now and the only reason they are going through it is because of some wrong decisions they have made in the past. It does not mean that you are being punished but the most important thing is that you have to learn. Learn and move on in life. When this pressure is over and you have learnt the right lessons, you will be able to avoid this kind of pressure resulting from wrong decision again in life.
2. Hasty decision – we also get under pressure in life for making hasty decision. I have decided to write about hasty decision separately because sometimes, some of the decisions we make are right but made in haste. When you make the right decision in haste it means that you have in a way made the wrong decision. The decision to have sex for example is not a wrong decision but making that decision outside of marriage makes it a hasty decision and therefore a wrong one. You may also need to buy a car. There is nothing wrong with buying a car but when you are buying a car sometimes without making adequate consultations with other people can lead to buying a wrong car. You buy the car and it starts giving you some real troubles so that’s making a hasty decision.
3. Indecision – your inability to decide as well will also get you under some form of pressure. Although I have said that making hasty decisions can get you under pressure, you also need to know that you cannot take eternity to make a decision. Sometimes you lose very big opportunities that barely return in a lifetime for taking too much time to decide. I have seen a few people like that who take so much time to decide and their businesses have been slowed down for that purpose. There are people who have missed marrying the right man or woman for taking too much time to decide. There are those who have also lost great business opportunities for taking too much time to decide as well.
4. Negative influence – Some of my recent posts on www.foladaniel.wordpress.com include series on influence. You may want to check them out. I wrote on the things that influence us and how we can also influence other people positively. Moving us, it is important to note that we might have gone into a form of pressure because of the negative influence around us. Some people have the wrong role models that have been the negative influence. Some people have the wrong friends that have become the negative influence. I also remember a speaker making reference to a married woman who has been married for some time but all her friends are all single and those are the people she takes advice from. Why will a married woman be taking her counsel from her single friends?
5. Ignorance – In an attempt to justify ignorance, some have said that ignorance is bliss. Maybe to a very limited extent! Truth be told, what you don’t know will put you under pressure. Sometimes in your place of work or in other places when you have to get something done, you can be given a deadline. It is possible to start freaking out or start sweating immediately because of the deadline you were given thinking you will never be able to meet the deadline. While sweating about the deadline, it is possible that all you need to do is to press one button on your computer or make one phone call and the job is done in less than ten seconds! The other form of ignorance that is not work related which can also put people in trouble or under pressure is their beliefs. Some people have held unto the wrong beliefs over the years and they are paying heavily for it. Some of these beliefs are also adhered to in the name of religion. Check yourself and make sure you are not suffering under the pressure as a result of your ignorance.
6. Greed – I remember a few years back when some banks in Nigeria also came under pressure. Although it coincided with the world recession that every country and news media was talking about, we could see that it was a case of greed for some of those banks in Nigeria. The Central Bank of Nigeria discovered that some of these banks were distressed because they were consistently going back to the apex bank to borrow money. At that time, the apex bank was making efforts to secure customers’ deposits so it decided that there should be a merger and acquisition. The end of the story is that it was discovered some bank managing directors had been diverting depositors’ funds for personal businesses. In some other cases, the bank managers gave out loans to some business men without due process. Why did they do that? Nigeria is an oil producing nation so there are some business men who get loans from the bank to bring in the refined oil. In the international market the price of oil had gone so they expected to make more money but before their vessels could get into the country, the price of oil had crashed. They were at a loss and they had loans they could not pay back. I think that the bank managers got into trouble because they had given out these kinds of loans before and there was not trouble so they wanted to do it again and get their percentages as usual from the business men. That got them into trouble and they lost their jobs. They also went to jail.
7. Laziness – it is a common saying that there is no food for a lazy man or a woman. Once you are lazy you will always be under one form of pressure or the other. It is very glaring that every lazy man will end up making his or her situation look like an emergency to others and then start begging them. You need to check yourself and be sure what form of pressure you are going through. Is it a pressure that will produce results for you and take you closer to purpose or the pressure from laziness?
Whatever pressure you are going through must be worth it. That is the major point here. You should not be going through the pressure ignorantly! Ask yourself, what pressure are you going through today and is it really worth it? Where is that pressure leading you?

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