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Despite the advancement in technology today, we all will still admit that Pregnancy remains a mystery. Apart from the mystery, it also offers a lot of lessons for us to learn and when we take out the time to observe very well, different lessons will always come out of the process of conceiving and birthing a child. One important lessons I have also learnt from pregnancy comes from the fact that from the day you conceive, you have to carry the child until the child is born. No matter the pains you are going through, you cannot drop the pregnancy because you are tired. You cannot ask other people to help you carry your pregnancy for a while and when you gather some energy you will go back to the pregnancy. Once you are pregnant, except for a miscarriage, which is not a pleasant experience, you are not going to drop the baby until it is nine months and it is time for the baby to come.
Now I think that comes with a lot of messages and as I thought about it, I just thought it is important to share my thoughts on the fact that pregnancy is like your purpose or that your purpose must be as though you are pregnant. I first heard thoughts like this shared by a reverend gentle man known as Pastor Sunday Adelaja. While he was speaking, he said you will have to go everywhere with your pregnancy. If you are going to the toilet you have to go with your pregnancy. You cannot drop the pregnancy, go to the toilet and then come back to pick it up.
When you have a purpose for your life, the purpose must be with you all the time. The purpose should be so much inside you that nothing can separate you and the purpose. When you wake up in the morning your purpose is with you and when you go to bed at night, just like pregnancy, your purpose is with you. When you are going through tough times your purpose is with you and when things are also rosy your purpose is with you. Your purpose in life is not something that is determined by what you go through or don’t go through. It is what you are wired to do so long as you are on the land of the living. I have seen some people who create a purpose for themselves based of their present circumstances and once things change for them, their purpose will change. The situations may change but your purpose will never change. The approach to fulfilling the purpose may also change but the purpose remains the same.
I think you also need to know that like the pregnancy phases, your purpose also has phases. I think I can say that it also has the first, second and third trimester. In the first trimester of your purpose you begin to feel some burdens around you. You begin to see problems. You see so many things that are not going on well that can be done differently. That is the phase when you are conceiving visions and the purpose is being formed. In the second phase of your purpose, now you know what the problems are. You know that the purpose or vision has been formed but your major task here is to try and understand it so that you can move with it. You must also do everything to make sure nothing kills the vision or the purpose. You also get to the third trimester when you are about to birth the vision or the purpose. At this phase you are excited about the baby’s arrival. In the case of your purpose what you are excited about is the fact that your purpose is about to birth results. It is possible that things might be harder. Well, remember that if you do not push there is no way you can have the baby so you have to push through your purpose!
Whatever it is that you are going through, always bear in mind that you purpose is like pregnancy and it must be with you all the time until the purpose is birthed! Don’t let that baby (your purpose) die! I wish you safe delivery!

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