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Most times when you intend to go out, you would have been thinking about the cloths you want to wear. The thoughts are even more serious if it’s a special occasion and you really want to look good. Even when you are doing other things, you will still be thinking about the combination you will wear to that great occasion. If the colours you will like to combine are colours you do not have, then you consider shopping. You get the cloths and the right shoes ready. When the day of the event finally comes, you just bring out those cloths you have imagined and you wear them. At last, you are in the attires that you envisaged and are probably going to pose in front of a camera to keep that memory. That in a way is an unconscious premeditation.
It is premeditation because you have thought about it before hand. You spent time imagining what you would look like in that outfit. You thought about the right shoes and accessories that will match the main colour. You probably even pictured yourself in the occasion before the main day. Some people like to do this a lot. If they have an event in two weeks, they would have been thinking about what to wear and how it will look on them. A few others don’t think about what to wear until it’s a day to the event or even a few hours to the event.
The most important thing is that all of us have some thoughts about the things we are going to do just before we do them. As a single person, you premeditate about your anticipated spouse. As a married person, you premeditate sometimes about getting back home to meet your spouse. You think about how you are going to do something funny to get your spouse laughing seriously and nearly rolling on the floor. You premeditate that surprise package.
This actually shows that most of the things we are doing or will be doing are things we have spent some time thinking about. We only did them when the opportunities were presented. Sometimes we say, ‘I just did it. I wasn’t thinking about it.’ That’s not true. You have thought about it so many times and the thought that was registered in your sub-conscious is what became your reaction.
Having come to terms with some of the things that we premeditate on daily, I will want us to spend more time doing what I call purposeful premeditation. This means to deliberately think or envisage or visualize the things you want in your life. Spend time imagining them and working towards them.
What do I expect you to do in purposeful premeditation? I expect you to think about how you are going to be a really great entrepreneur employing a lot of people. Think about how you will help so many people and will be very generous. Imagine how you will acquire some struggling businesses and turn them around to money spinning ventures. Spend time thinking very hard on how you will be the solution to the challenges of your nation. Where others are seeing lack and scarcity, you can get abundance when you engage purposeful premeditation.
Premeditate on what you are going to do to impact your community so much so that they will never forget you. Think very well about where you will be in ten years’ time. What are the things that would have changed in your life? What value would you have added to those around you and even to your own life?
If we can use premeditation to think about how we want to look in some cloths, and we turn out that way, then we can use purposeful premeditation to turn our lives around. Your mind is too beautiful and too powerful to be restricted to thinking about cloths alone. Use it to think about how you are going to rise to the top of the organisation and make that needed difference.
When we refuse to think deliberately, life offers us something else to think about. And often times, life will offer you things that are not your business to think about. If you are serious about changing your life and getting to your dreams, you can’t wait for what life will offer you to think about. You must begin purposeful premeditation for the life that you desire now and take steps to make the thoughts a reality. 

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