Push harder this year| © Fola Daniel Adelesi

It’s always a great feeling to make it into a New Year and often times, it comes with a renewed hope for the dreams and aspirations that we couldn’t pursue in the previous years. We think about starting new things and possibly revisiting some of the projects we couldn’t finish before the New Year. The energy is always great and the expectations are usually high.
Sadly, just before we make it to the end of the first quarter, we start slowing down. We start giving up. We start doubting and wondering if the year is ever going to bring anything different from the previous years. That’s how many people give silently until the year is almost over.
When there’s a quarter or a month left in the year, a few other people think about the possibility of getting things done so they take some bold steps just to get some results before the end of the year.
This trend may be a familiar cycle to you. You may have seen how you start the year with a lot of energy, suddenly lose the vigour only to pick it up at the end of the year again. That has to change if you will get some consistent results in your life.
Once in a while we need to push harder. We have to realize that pushing harder and consistently will make a huge difference in the results we are getting. When we try a little and stop only to start all over when we are ready, we don’t get much out of life that way.
Push yourself with the calls that you need to make. Don’t call once and give up. Don’t call one person and stop. Try harder with the emails you have been sending. Resend the emails this year using from slightly different approaches. If you have been sending lengthy emails, you may want to send shorter emails and request opportunities to do a presentation. You may also want to use images to engage your audience.
You know the things that you have to do. You also know where you are and where you want to be. If you are not close to where you want to be then you know you have to push harder. I think you should not only push harder but be smarter in your approach to issues. You may need to look for new collaborators or partners to get things done. Sometimes, one person will make all the difference in your life.
In the game of football, there is always a game changer that the team and the coach often rely on to change the game in their favour. The team may struggle to get goals and the coach may change formations without getting the needed goals. The coach may then decide to take someone out and bring in a new person. That new person, though playing in a few minutes, can get the team the needed goals and victory in the tournament.
Please push harder by looking for your game changers this year. Your game changers may not be human beings. It could be a skill or a new idea. It could be a new strategy or just doing the same thing differently.
Whatever happens this year, don’t lose your momentum in any part of the race. Push from the beginning to the end. Keep your goals in front of you always. Don’t run your race alone. Run in the company of those who will boost your morale when you are losing momentum. You will need all the support and energy until the race is over.
I wish you well in all your endeavour this year and beyond. Have a great year.

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