Push the limits high | (C) Fola Daniel Adelesi

When you begin to live life to the fullest you will have to set some limits for yourself and also ensure that you are breaking those limits! When there are no limits to break then there will be nothing to stretch you and take you out of your comfort zone. You must give yourself a goal that looks like something you cannot hit or achieve except someone helps you or there is a miracle!
Let me say that when you set those goals, it does not mean that you are expecting people to practically come to your aid and do your job for you but you set such high goals in order to make your brain work more that it normally would work! You need to stretch your mind once in a while to think beyond what it’s used to thinking about and getting and to see new limits! For some people, their brains or minds just shut down when they see new limits but you have to let those new limits expand your mind and help you see things differently.
You can go beyond your current status and confines only when you begin to set new and higher limits! One of the things that setting new and higher limits will do for you is to get you out of your current network or just expand your network. When you have new limits you will need new people who think on that level and operate with the minds needed to get things done on the new level.
An increased limit set for yourself that you also intend to break will take you into new places and as well help you learn lessons needed in the place you call future and you must not be afraid of those higher limits!
You may be asking, ‘what if I set high limits and goals and then fail? Would I not have disappointed myself and then make it look like it’s even more difficult to succeed? ‘ All you have to do is to prepare your mind and make sure you do not see yourself as a failure even if what you did is about to fail or has already failed! Always see events as failed events or ventures but never see yourself as a failure! If something goes wrong all you have to do is to get back on your feet and set the goals again! Keep pushing the limits and keep meeting new people to see how they can help you break limits!
You may have heard repeatedly that you need people in your life to rise in life but let me add that you don’t only need people but you need people who can help you break limits in your life and also think about breaking more and more limits!
Don’t stay where you are! Set new limits! Push the limits high and get people who can help you break your limits!
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