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Some people think that success will be on auto pilot as soon as they find something they can succeed in. they have the skills and they have the knowledge. They expect all other circumstances to yield to the skills and knowledge that they have to that they can get desired results. If that’s what you have believed for long, then you need to stop believing that. Success is a possibility for everyone but not everyone will be willing to push through to the arena called success.
You have to push and push until you succeed. There will always be reasons to want to back out. There are times you wake up in the morning and not feel like doing anything. Your head is telling you something but your mind is saying another thing. At such moments you struggle to hard to take important decisions. If you choose not to do anything, it would have looked right because of how you felt. But guess what, in future when others have something to celebrate or results to show and you have none, you would feel worse.
There are days when I honestly don’t feel like writing anything. There are times I don’t feel like talking and I have speaking engagements. When I don’t feel like writing there is no one who will punish me for not writing or ask me to go to prison. But then I tell myself that this is what I have to. It will help someone out there. If I am not doing what I have to do and I keep making excuses then I will soon be doomed.
The environment may not encourage you. Resources around will appear scarce. The very things that you used to reach easily may just disappear when you need them the most. Your body will sing songs of weakness to you. Some friends may say you need to slow down and not kill yourself. The messages will be subtle and logical until you start slowing down and can’t catch up with the success train anymore.
There is no one who succeeded that got it on a platter of gold. They pushed through the hard times and the tough times. They didn’t stop when everyone felt it was okay to stop, relax and enjoy. They knew they were still far from where they are going so they kept pushing.
Too many people want to succeed like the success stories they are hearing but they are not willing to pay the price that those people have paid. They do not want to go through the hardship that those people have endured.
If you will succeed, you have to tell your body to shut up. You must dictate to your body what it should do and never let your body dictate to you. This does not mean you should not rest. You have to rest if not you will be laid to rest permanently. However, you must be wise enough to define what is adequate rest and what can be called excessive rest.
You will also summon the courage to tell the circumstances to shut up! If you do not, circumstances will determine what you can do rather than you determining what the circumstances can do.
Success will come but you must realize that it’s like hidden treasure hunt that you need to search for continuously until you find it. If you don’t push or give up easily you will never find it. You may work hard or smart to a level where things may now be easier but you will have to push first.
Remember pregnant women, nobody except through operations, gets a baby without pushing. And once the baby comes out, there will be relief. You have to be wise enough to keep pushing. This is not the time to indulge yourself. Keep at it until your success arrives or until you succeed.

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