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A few days ago I saw a picture circulating on social media. The picture shows a couple who are really old and have been married for so long. When asked what kept them together for that long, they said, ‘we were born in the times when you fix things if they got broken. You don’t throw them away.’
That presupposes that so many people in this generation are no longer thinking about fixing their relationships. They are thinking more about breaking it. Each one is working hard and pushing it father rather than trying to bring things together.
I think you need to remember that the marriage relationship is a serious one and it is only for the mature minds. The mature mind that is serious and ready for a relationship where they will be committed. The commitment in this case is not just the financial commitment that you make because you are in the relationship. It is the commitment to the success of the relationship. You have to be committed to make it work.
Over the years I have heard so many people say that a broken relationship is better than a broken marriage. While that is true, I think you need to observe those who are now having broken marriages. It just might be those who have consistently broken a relationship. Am I saying that people should not break relationships? No! that’s not the point. The point it that we need to make statements like ‘broken relationships being better’ with some caution. It is that statement that has made some people throw caution to the wind and at every slight opportunity they are walking out of the relationship.
If you always walk out of a relationship then you might as well easily walk out of marriage. So when you think about these very well, someone who constantly breaks a relationship might also break several marriages. That is not even the focus. I just need you to see that people are no longer willing to push to keep their marital relationships together anymore.
Once you have thought about your relationship very well before you two agreed to date and eventually marry or when you are married, you owe each other the commitment to make things work. You have to put all the odds aside and never let them become the excuse for which you will no longer push hard for each other.
When things are going well, you have to push to keep them going well. When things are going down, you have to push to bring them back up. When you don’t understand what is going on with your spouse you must push to keep things in order. Whatever happens and through the thick and thin you both have to push to make your relationship work.
This is not the time to be looking for an easy way out of the relationship or marriage. If you are both not pushing then you are losing the power of multiplied results. The Bible is a major basis for the marriage institution today and it says one will chase a thousand and two will chase ten thousands. If you do not push together then you will both under perform. You will both lose more capacity and you will thin that you are better off.
If you have not gotten as far as being married then you have a choice of rethinking how you can push with this person in odd times. If you are already in marriage then you have to choice but to push. Push together for the good of the marriage. Push enemies of your marriage aside. Push all gossips away. Push all fights or misunderstanding away. Keep pushing all hindrance until your relationship is solid.
Let me sum it up in saying that if the person you are about to date or are dating is someone you can push with, just stop it. If you are married, just push to make this work and the two of you will laugh last.  

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  1. Well said. This is the insta age with options. The are so many toys to pay with that you never fully develop an emotional attachment. Any sign of discoloration means it’s broken, then thrown away. Couples have to work hard to always keep their relationship equally yoked. If one receives a promotion, whether physical or mental, they both need to realize the benefit. I AM often asked how to handle relationships when one gets promoted.
    I tell them one didn’t get promoted, they both got promoted.
    Thanks the world need more posts like this one.

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