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I have worked with a few people and I have seen those who really want you to progress by giving you all the platforms that you need and I have also seen those who never want you to rise above them. They will always watch out for what you are doing and anything that seems to place you in a position of advantage will become an issue for them. They are always after your attempts to progress. Any move that will make you look better or smarter than them will not be allowed. If you are in a position of authority or you are the boss in your office and you do things like this, you need to stop it and as well check yourself. If you don’t want other people to move up then something is wrong somewhere.
You are supposed to work hard to get to the top and after getting to the top in life, your next focus should be to raise other people. You should not get to the top and start looking out for those who also want to get to the top so that you can peg their wings. There is a saying that is now spreading quickly in Nigeria. People will tell you that if you want to hold other people down, you have to stay down there with them to make sure they remain down. Until you release them and let them go up, you will also remain down. Don’t think you have gotten to the peak of your career or you have gotten the best out of life and you will not need anything from any other person. When you start living like that you are deceiving yourself.
I remember working with someone who was not comfortable with the fact that a guest he had invited for one of the business meetings knew me so well and he was just meeting that guest for the first time. There are bosses who are intimidated by anything that looks like success in their subordinates. In some other cases, some just get intimidated when any of their subordinates can afford anything they already have.
It is important for you to live your own life and let other people live their lives as well. If there is any position in this world, you must note that it is not meant for you alone. If there are things created in this world, other people were meant to enjoy them as well. You are not the only one who is entitled to the best education around the world. Check you insecurity and allow others to develop.
I always like to say that it really does not matter how well you have succeeded. If you cannot show others how you succeeded and how they can succeed then you have no success at all. Some other people will say that there is no success without a successor. Think very well and act differently. If you raise other men they will always remember that you were the one that raised them. Even if they do not remember, it does not change the fact that you raised them. I know some people are so concerned about gratitude and that is the only reason they will not raise other young people. Let go off your ego and raise men even if they do not look back.
All that you have achieved are very important. The education you already have may have brought you far. You network is important and your profile can be admirable but in all of these, you will get to a level where the only thing that counts is how many other people you have poured yourself into. If you have not raised other people then your success is not complete.
Congratulations to those who have been raising other people and if you have not started, please start today! When you are gone, one of the best ways your works will speak for you is through the hands of the people you have raised! Raise other people today!
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