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Sometimes when the things we are expecting seem delayed, we want to start losing faith. When you are thinking about why it is not working, God is thinking about why you just can’t raise your faith.
Many people try to make things easy for God. They claim that they have faith but the only thing they have faith for is what they think God can do for them and not what they think is so big that there is no logical way they can get it. Once a man says he has faith and what he is believing for is still within the range of what he calls affordable then he does not have faith.
Faith sometimes means that what you are hoping for seems practically impossible. If for example you earn 100 naira in a day, it will not be hard for you to believe for a good that is only worth 500 naira. By calculations you can save up and by it after 5 working days. The game is different when you get a 100 naira per day and what you want is worth 5000 naira. Even if you ever think about saving you will no that you are embarking on a very long and tiring journey. So when you ask God to do it and he does it within a week then you can tell you truly believed for it.
Sometimes some of us are believing God for something small but God is expecting us to raise our faith. What if I tell you that small faith stresses God? I am sure you’ll be wondering what I mean by that. Imagine a situation where you and God stand at different ends of a 100 meter field. Your expression of faith is supposed to compel God to move as you are also moving. So if your faith is big, it’s easy for God to quickly move toward you and deliver what you want. When your faith is big, you are the one moving faster and God makes very little effort to reach you.
The reverse is the case when your faith is small. He struggles to reach you. It takes Him more time to reach you. Some people think they should ask for small things first and then they can get the big things. While you are thinking that way, God is waiting for you to ask for the really big things. He wants you to challenge him through your faith.
Instead of losing faith and thinking about what is not working or does not seem to be working, you should be increasing your faith. Remember the Bible says that without faith it is impossible to please God. So if faith will please God it has to be real faith. It has to be a great faith that is raised. Not the faith that is based on calculations of your means or expectations.
Raise your faith. Don’t box God into timing or space and the very limited economic resource that you can afford. Try relating with God without limits and see what happens.
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