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Often times I have heard that when you judge yourself then you will not be judged. While it does not mean that we should condemn ourselves, there are several things to pick out of that. It also does not restrict us to just judging what we are not doing right but to ensure that we raise the standard of the game in which we are playing. Are you a speaker, author, banker, engineer, doctor, nurse, publisher, broadcaster, pilot, consultant, property developer, pastor, shop keeper, laundry man, food vendor or mechanic? You can raise your standard in all that you do. Do it differently from how you have been doing it or simply seek to serve better the people you have been serving.
If you have been doing something consistently for more than five years and there is nothing you have done differently then there is a problem. If you have been running a business for more than five years and it is still in the same location in a small shop without any increase in profit then you need to raise your standard. As a husband or wife you can love your spouse differently. As parents you can be better parents to your children without waiting for them to complain. In your work environment you can bring things up to standard. People should not be running in different directions and everyone is doing what pleases him or her.
Asking you to raise your standard first has to do with make things a lot better than you are doing them right now. Don’t be contended with the little or easy way you have been doing things. When you stay with that little way someone is going to come around one day with something better and all those coming to you will be gone.
The banking industry in several parts of the world and especially in Nigeria is a good reference. We learnt from what happened in that industry that if you do not change or raise your standard, others will raise their own standard and that will relegate you completely. Some of the bankers refused to change the way they were running their banks. Others came and started changing the rules of the game. Once people saw better, faster and efficient services they simply moved over to the new banks. After a while the Central Bank of Nigeria brought the consolidation revolution under the leadership of Sanusi Lamido Sanusi. Most of the banks that went underground were the banks that refused to raise their own standards.
Telecommunications also came into the country sometimes around the year 2000 and 2001 but unfortunately, they came in and ripped people off. The consumers asked for different things and they kept saying it was not possible. I remember vividly that amongst several other things, they told us how it was impossible or so difficult to have per second billing system for phone calls on our mobile lines. That went on for some time until the first, and still the only, indigenous operator came to start out on per second billing. People moved massively over because someone else had raise his own standard and had probably judged himself before others could.
Evaluate the way you have been doing things and ask if there is a better way to do it. That is the first process towards raising your standard. You should not sit with what others are doing and saying that is the way every other person is doing it and that is what we are going to do. You must look beyond just what other people are doing, especially if they are people of low mindset. Always look to improve upon what you have. Always ask if you have gotten to the best place you could have gotten to in what you are doing.
I remember that years back in Nigeria there was a funny way people used to run churches. Some of them had a very small hall, which is not a wrong thing, but never thought about reaching out to others outside the church in unique ways. They didn’t talk about empowering the people financially or developing their skills. It was a crime to do so many things because the church wanted to be separate from the world. So they left too many things in the hands of wayward people. A few people broke out and did things differently then we began to have mega churches. Those who refused to change and grow began to condemn the mega churches as worldly churches.
Today, we still have the issue of people refusing to raise their game and condemning others who have done that with results to show for it. You are not helping yourself by condemning others for what they have done successfully. What you ought to be doing is to learn from them.
Now is the time. You’ve stayed too long on the same thing and doing it the same way. Raise your own standard and watch things turn around like magic with what you do!
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