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In my honest opinion, a man who no longer believes in himself is half dead! This is so true because when we find ourselves in some very difficult situations in life and it look like nothing will ever change in our favour, it is the belief that we have in ourselves that still keep us going and give us some energy to do a few more things. That way, we keep going and going with that little faith in us until we get something done.
Martin Luther King has already said that faith is taking the first step even when you cant see the whole staircase. I also think that for you to take some important steps in life towards where you want to go, you will still believe that you can do it! You will only be taking steps when you have not given up on your capacity to succeed. We have too many people today who are not succeeding not because they can no longer succeed but because they have given up on their capacity to succeed.
One of the things you need to come to is a review of other peoples life and when you do that, you will find out that a number of people have worse situations when compared to you. If you lost your father and you think that a reason to lose everything, you will find that some people have lost both parents and its more difficult for them. When someone says okay I lost both parents then you will find someone who was abandoned at childbirth and probably was almost aborted before childbirth!
In businesses there could be people who have lost a lot of money and while that one is complaining you will find the person who has not only lost money but the business premises is burnt down. The story was told recently by a preacher of a Lagos based house owner. This man had 3 houses until government began to demolish houses. Unfortunately, all his houses are on the same row and the government demolished the 3 houses in one day! Imagine how devastating that would be for this man! At the time the preacher met him, he had sent his family back to the village and was already riding a commercial motorcycle in order to make a living. This conversation ensued between the preacher and the rider because the riders hands were shaking on the bike and the preacher asked him why he had not resigned since he was already getting old. Losing different things can cause you to lose a measure of faith in yourself but what about losing 3 houses all in one day to the same government! Well I think he has taken it in good faith by starting all over from a very humble beginning.
Life may have dealt you some blows but you need to know the importance of getting back on your feet. Defeat is not final and failure is not total. Both defeat and failure are necessary bridges for us to cross on the way to success. Sometimes when life lets you down, all you need to do is to withdraw into a corner, just keep listening to some powerful thoughts by great men and you need to listen intensely. Hear their stories, find out how they have failed or lost something vital. After listening you may then have the courage to read about them. That will boost your confidence in yourself and help you realize that if someone else has failed before then you will not be the first to fail and bounce back to life!
Guess what, your stories of failure are usually very demoralizing only if they end that way but when they take a turn from the failure to a bounce back, the stories become very interesting. A success story is usually not complete without the element of failure so weve got to look past the failure and look forward to the success!
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