Ready for the dirty job? | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

In today’s world, although I think it has been like that for a while, you will find so many people who say they are looking for a job but there are so many other kinds of jobs that they can’t do. They don’t want to do certain jobs because they feel it does not match up with their status. If they must get a job it has to be some kind of befitting job that they can proudly tell their colleagues, friends and family members.
That is one of the reasons so many people are remaining in the job market for a very long time and they will not even get the ‘befitting’ job that they are looking for. In trying so hard to get the befitting job and not looking at ‘the dirty jobs’ there are too many people who miss out completely on the jobs they desire so much.
I have repeatedly been told about people getting into some organisations as gatekeepers and eventually rising from that position to some enviable positions within the organisation. I also worked in an organisation some years ago and I had a colleague who came in as a front desk executive but eventually worked hard enough to get into the training unit of that organisation.
When you sometimes think about a job as not befitting to you, it is often unclear as to how that job can open up several other doors to you. As the saying goes, opportunities are often disguised in work overalls. I will also add that big opportunities sometimes come as dirty jobs.
Some years back we had a man in Nigeria, he passed on recently, whose business is still thriving till date. He was into the convenience business. He first started by packing human waste from house to house and he faced so many embarrassing moments. There were times when the waste would spill off on the road and passers-by would mock him.
Years later when the business began to thrive and was more properly packaged, he would laugh at himself and joke about the days when he started small. He became really big and was making good money then he started saying ‘shit business is serious business.’ I once met him personally. He was tall and very jovial. On one of my meetings with him I asked him, ‘how is business sir.’ He responded by saying, ‘we thank God. So long as people are shitting we are making money.’ He cracked me up but that how humorous he was about something that was really big but a lot of people will call dirty jobs.
If you do your ‘dirty job’ and also constantly think about ways to improve on it, you will also grow big and be able to laugh about the times you did some jobs that did match your ‘status.’ For now, the most important thing is for you to have something profitable that you are doing.
All of the people that you are looking will not put money in your pocket even though they may ask you why you are doing such funny jobs. The only person I think you might listen to is anyone who offers you a better job than the dirty job they think you are doing or about to do.
Now I understand we all come from different parts of the world and ‘dirty job’ will mean different things to different people. Let me state emphatically here that by dirty job I do not mean any illegitimate job. I am simply referring to what is called menial jobs in some countries or some jobs that are expected to be done only by extremely poor or uneducated people.
When you go into some of these so called dirty jobs, you will be amazed at how profitable they are but many are staying away because they think they must not be caught in such jobs dead or alive.
If you are ready to do the dirty job then you must get ready for the cool cash and, hopefully, a great story that you will be able to tell some years later.

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