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If you find a shooter who keeps firing shots and does not take time out to look at what he’s been doing, what will you say to that person or think of that person? I am sure you would think that he’s wasting his time or may even regard him as a fool. Many of us are working very hard but we bare take the time out to reassess what we are doing so that we know where to gather more strength and re-fire.
Again I am compelled to take you back to the football pitch. The players play for forty five minutes and then take a break. Those know watch football very well and have been close to seeing some teams play, you will know what goes on within the break that those footballers take before they come back for the other half.
During the short break, the first and the important thing is that the players get an opportunity to refresh. They relax. Some of them want to pour water on themselves and feel cool again. While that is going on, the coach comes to tell them his observations. He commends those who have played well and rebukes those who have not played according to game plan or are just not performing to expectations.
He (the coach) might give another game plan or tell the players what to do differently. He can change his playing formation or pull out a player so there can be a huge difference in the game. Just like that coach, we need to also take a break with our team or working tools. Let us take a good look at how we have fare in the last half of the year and see what can be done differently to do a lot better in this other half of the year.
We need to bear in mind that the second half of the game is what determines the final result of the game and the second half of the year also determines what we finally get at the end of the year.
I am so sure we all want the year to end well and if the year will end well, one of the things we should do is to reassess before we re-fire! We should not just be trying everything and aiming at all the things we see. If we keep doing that we will not only burn out too soon, we will also become frustrated. When frustration sets in, not too many people can achieve much or make something meaningful out of the situation.
Now is the time to avoid that frustration. Sit back and take a note on how you have been operating. What are the things that need to change for you to get a better result? Is there something new you can introduce to what you are already doing? It may not be a completely new thing and it does not always have to be totally new. It just might be a minor adjustment that can make a big difference in all that you have been doing.
I understand that you want more out of life and will love to work harder or smarter to get these desired results. Whatever happens, you need to take that break and evaluate all you have been doing so that you can do them better.
Please remember this for the last half of the year or the second part of the game. When footballers play a game, they don’t just go into another game without watching their previous games, at least for those who are serious. When they watch their previous games, they all see how they played, the mistakes they made and what they intend to do better becomes obvious.
Please go and watch your own previous games and come back better. 

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