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As yesterday was drawing to a close, my attention was brought to something very important in the lives of all Christians that we even barely talk about in this present day except for a few people who still know the importance of this subject and how serious it should be handled in order for us to succeed in our journey as Christians!
How can we ever forget the place of the holy Spirit in our lives or the vital role he plays in our success as Christians here on earth before we can enter heaven? Why have we chosen to discuss subjects that will never be of any relevance to the people of God rather than teach them the real thing which is about having the Holy Spirit and building a strong relationship with him? There are so many thing we argue about today and there so many things that churches are fighting themselves over but if we truly have the Holy Spirit working with us and teaching us concerning all things then we will know that we are not even supposed to go near some of the arguments that we have in the church today!
In I John 2:27, the Bible says, ‘But the anointing which ye have received of him abideth in you, and ye need not that any man teach you: but as the same anointing teacheth you of all things, and is truth, and is no lie, and even as it hath taught you, ye shall abide in him.’ The word anointing in this verse refers to the Holy Spirit and how he works! Some versions of the Bible used ‘Spirit’ in the place of anointing but more than just the words used in the Bible, it is very important for us to see that we need the Holy Spirit to teach us concerning all things from the way we run churches, our marriages, schools, family, businesses and so many other things.
Marriages are falling apart before they even get started, businesses are being doomed as a result of lack of proper instruction which cannot be given by business experts but only the Holy Spirit, schools are giving some kinds of strange orientation to our children and the government sees nothing wrong with that but it does not matter to them if the children go to school half naked and doing all sorts of funny things you can barely imagine. It is no longer news that the entire world is thrown into more confusion on daily basis and we just think that everything is okay! A few Christians at least remember that the world is coming to an end but I still think we are missing one important issue apart from the fact that the world is coming to an end! Some of the things that are happening are not happening because the world is coming to an end but because we need to go back to the Holy Spirit while the children of darkness are thrown into more confusion by the day. We will have the rare privilege of knowing more than they do and operate with the Spirit of excellence but they will never get that chance because they do not have the Holy Spirit that we have who teaches us concerning all things.
When I see one church attacking the other over very trivial issues I just begin to wonder what the place of the Holy Spirit is and if such people never got as restraining from the Holy Spirit concerning those funny things they are doing! We truly need to retrace our steps and give the Holy Spirit a place in our lives and those of us who have once worked closely with him and have suddenly forgotten his place should get back into a strong and cordial relationship with the Holy Spirit. There’s nothing we can do without the Holy Spirit because he was sent to this earth as a comforter of Christians when Jesus returned to heaven to be on the right hand side of his father.
I need to say that the Holy Spirit is definitely not for everyone but he is willing to take a place in the heart of everyone! Someone has to get into your life before the Holy Spirit can take a place. If you don’t have Jesus in your life I am sorry to inform you that the Holy Spirit cannot work with you. The reason is just because the Holy Spirit works with Jesus and His father and Jesus is the only access you will be given in order to get to the father so you have to declare that you accept Jesus as your Lord and saviour (because he died for you on the cross). After declaring that you accept Jesus as your Lord, ask him to forgive you and to take you into his kingdom as a worthy child. It is then you can ask the Holy Spirit to come into your life and guide you in all that you do. From there, make sure you constantly relate with the Holy Spirit and invite him to be a part of the things you are doing.
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