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But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.
Romans 5:8 (KJV)
I think the Bible has really made it look so simple by just saying Christ died for us! When we look at all the circumstances surrounding the death then we will accept that it was not really as simple as the Bible had just put it in those lines! First we must remember that Christ is the only son of God and has come to die for us because the only way for us to pay for the sins we are committing was to pay with our lives. Our sins used to be forgiven when we shed the blood of animals but it was not an adequate representation for our lives and that was why the shedding of an animal’s blood needed to be done repeatedly!
You really need to think about this again! Christ was bruised for our sake! He was pushed around and forced to carry a very large and heavy cross until he became so weak that he could not carry the cross anymore and someone else was told to carry it on his behalf. Carrying the cross was even a small thing compared to what they did to him on that cross! Have you ever played back in your memory how they drive a six inch nail into someone’s hand on the right and they moved on to the left hand to do the same thing? Can you imagine that the put someone’s two legs together and drive a nail through it so that the nail will fasten both legs together? When they were done they lifted the cross and allow his weight to rest on the nails that had been driven into him and as though that was not enough, the poked him with a spear on his side when his weight was on the nails such that blood gushed out as the Bible records it!
The real question we should be asking is that ‘what was the offense of this man?’ Interestingly the Bible says he was the one who knew no sin! How come he knew no sin and all these things were done to him? Why did all of that happen especially when we were also made to understand that this man could have freed himself from all the people who arrested him! He could have refused to go on the cross and he could have killed all the soldiers who wanted to kill him! If we go on we will have a very long list of all that he could have done so why didn’t he do all he could have done so that he would not go through those pains!
I think the answer is simple! It was the love he had and still has for us that has made him go through all that he went through! If he didn’t go through all the pains as the price for our own imperfection we would need to go through it ourselves! The first thing is that none of us can go through all that he went through and even if we wanted to go through all that for our sins to be forgiven, we would have been dead by the time the sin has been paid for and we would not get that chance to repent! There would be no opportunity for us to turn a new leaf but someone who could go to the cross with no sin but went there as a representative for you and I, paid with his life and still came back has done the greatest thing for us all in the name of love!
There is no one who loves us so much as to be able to do half of all that Jesus did for us! That takes us back to what the Bible says in Romans 5:8. ‘But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. This is like doing business with someone while knowing all the risks involved! It’s like giving out a huge sum of money with no collateral! What was the guarantee that those He died for would turn to him and at least try to love him the way he loved them? I dare say that it was a big risk taken for you and I but we must not let that be in vain!
We need to reciprocate the love of God expressed towards us in Christ Jesus! And I can’t even imagine that the only thing we have to do is to love him in return and just worship him! Can you beat that? All you have to do is give Jesus a place in your heart despite the fact that he gave up his life? It’s too big a sacrifice for us to let it pass by! We must reciprocate this amazing love that God has shown us and just give him a place in our hearts!
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