Redefining Leadership 2 – Fola Daniel Adelesi

It is time for us all over the world to realize that leadership is not in the position you occupy but a lot of people in the world who are insecure try to find security in the position they occupy. That is why you find politicians who are in office not wanting to leave the office because they do not know what will befall them after leaving the office.
They have always found solace in the covering that the office offers so they are threatened if you want to take the office away from them. If you are the manager in an office you need to realize that there is a difference between the people submitting to you because they are being paid and people submitting to you because you are a wonderful leader who has mastered the art of leadership and is now expressing the leadership inside of you.
Stop taking out the advantages of the position you occupy on people and start with influence as a powerful leadership tool available to anyone in the world. Why will you as a lecturer intimidate a student because you are to give grades to the student? Why would you intimidate the people you work with because you know if they are fired they do not know any other place they can go to.
If you have always called yourself a leader as a result of the fact that you are in a position today, what will you be if the position is taken away from you? Will you start telling people that you were once a leader? If you come out and start telling people that you were once a leader then i can say boldly to you that you are not a leader and you should stop deceiving yourself. You were only in charge because you were given power and authority.
True leadership is in knowing that with or without the authority anybody gives to you there are people who will still willingly submit to you. That means you have a form of influence at any given time even if people do not give you any position or any authority to oversee anything.
Positional leadership is one of the things responsible for the crisis in the world. We have seen nations where people are presidents for more than 30 years and we have seen people getting into the most revered positions in life and still do not want to go at old age when there are a lot of young people who can get into the same position and do the job even more effectively.
It is because of position that people struggle to kill some other people so that they can be in charge. It does not matter how many people you kill to take a position. The truth is still that you do not have influence and so you are not a leader. You are only a terror. Someone once said that there is no such thing as a ‘bad leader’ and I agree with the person. His premise was that if you were truly trained to be a leader then you are a leader because all the qualities of a leader are good. If all the qualities of a leader are good then we possibly cannot have bad leaders.
You are either a leader or not. Most of the people who are even referred to as bad leaders are people who have risen through ranks and series of position and in a way it is easy for them to keep rising because if you are efficient and you have been in service for long, for some companies, you must be promoted.
Leadership must be earned and not received. There’s a difference between, ‘This is your leader,’ and ‘he is our leader.’ Let us remember that true leadership is not in the position that we occupy but in the fact that some people have a choice as per who to submit to and they still prefer us.

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