Redefining Leadership – Fola Daniel Adelesi

Every nation today has one thing or the other to point at as a major problem in the society but often times, as much as what they are pointing to may look like the problem, the real problem is usually the problem of leadership. Do I think that the power problem in some countries is from the leadership? Yes that is what I am talking about. Do I think that the food shortage in some countries is from the leadership? I don’t only think it is, I am saying that it is. Do I think that the problem the leaders met in office is the reason they are not performing right now? No! I think they are not performing not because of the problem they met in office but because they never really had anything to offer!
Why do I sound so harsh? Well the truth needs to be told because the problem we have all around the world is that some people have given us a wrong definition of leadership and we have taken their definitions hook line and sinker without reviewing the thing. Let’s do some reasoning together to see why leadership has to be redefined in every part of the world today. Why would somebody think that he can help a society if he gets into a position? If a man thinks he can’t help the society without getting into a position then he already has a problem with the definition of leadership because leadership does not begin with the position a man has but the influence he has begun to build. If a man truly needs a platform to execute some things, a true leader begins by building influence and later builds a platform around the influence that he has built. One of the problems of leadership today is that we always wait for a position and often forget that when people get you into a position today they will also get you out of that position tomorrow. They may fall head over hills for you today but detest you tomorrow so true leaders already know that what counts in their relevance is not the position but their personal influence.
How does the mindset of leadership by position affect the nations of the world? Most of the leaders who get into a position with the mindset of leadership by position often do not go into the office with a vision. They go into the office expecting that the office will make them. They go into the office and they want to be addressed all of the time by the title attached to that office. eventually they meet brick walls because they soon get to realize that they can’t get the people to go along with them.
when you get into an office as a leader people want to go along with your vision and they often do not want to wait on your personality. A leader who depends on position gets into office and then begins to ask questions about what he or she can do.
Before a leader asks for a position, there should have been a burden on the leader’s heart and it must have been proven that getting into that position can help the leader attend to the burden in his or her heart.
We have a problem all around the world and we really need to redefine leadership first before attending to any other thing. Most of our so called leaders don’t have visions but they have charisma. Charisma will not solve our problems but visions will.

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