Redefining Responsibility – Fola Daniel Adelesi

Do you think you are responsible? I know you will answer yes but before you jump to the answer let me throw a few questions as you. For the young man or the young lady I need to ask you if you have a specific or time bound goal for when you want to leave your father’s house. This is the part of the world where people in the age bracket of 26 – 30 still live comfortably in their parents’ houses and do not even contribute anything to what is going on at home. I heard about a young man who was not working for about six years and that meant that his family was feeding him and was giving him money to do whatever he wanted to do because he was waiting for a job that was not forthcoming.
If you have left your father’ house and you think you were not hit by that then let’s begin to look at responsibility from the angle of the wife that you married. Are you responsible to your wife or to your husband? Have you been responsible to your children? You could not go to the best of schools because you were told series of tales by moon light by your parents and unconsciously you have begun to tell the same stories to your children. You are not taking responsibility now and at the end of the day you will blame your inability to give your children a quality education on the lapses of the government. Your own parents never admitted that they did not have a plan and that’s why they are not rich enough to give you the best. Now you have also started life without a plan and you are on your way to telling your children that circumstances didn’t let them get the best. The meaning of irresponsibility in this context therefore is shifting responsibility when you ought to take responsibility. When you ought to take your destiny in your hands you are expecting a magic and are blaming other people for not allowing your fantasies and wild dreams to come alive.
It is obvious that at this point in time we need to begin a redefinition of the word responsibility. We probably have thought up until now that to be irresponsible means to dress inappropriately all the time or to consistently use vulgar languages. We have come to think that the irresponsible people are the ones who drink and smoke and just neglect their families to a world of despair. When you are done reading this you may be shocked that you have not taken responsibility in expected areas.
Irresponsibility if broken down without much trouble with grammer will mean that you have not taken responsibility for what you ought to be responsible for. When you ask, ‘who is responsible for the furniture maintenance?’ You have simply asked about the person who has taken responsibility. If there are other people who could have but have not then you would not be wrong to say that those ones are irresponsible.
Is it the government that forced you to collect bribe? You got to an office where you are being paid two or three hours after you were expected to resume for work and you think you are responsible. You are the first to collect your salary and you always leave an hour before the real closing time but you see nothing wrong in that. You claim you are collecting salary and you are not seeing the results but you have forgotten that you are cheating on your employer.
You are a contractor who has been paid for a job but you have not done what you were paid for and the money was not refunded. You have said it is government money and we must spend it. I have come to realize that a lot of people have heard the word nemesis but they don’t know its impact on their daily actions. The road you were paid to repair is still there claiming people’s lives. The bridge you were meant to reconstruct is helping to destroy people but you have not seen that as being irresponsible.
You are a manufacturer of consumable products and you started out with good intentions but now you have become irresponsible. You used to produce at a time when quality was your priority but your priority has become money. You make money at the expense of quality and consequently make money at the expense of peoples’ lives so people are dying because of your greed. You obviously have no count of how many people you have killed but let’s do a simply mathematics. If a can of your product kills one person then we should just calculate how many cans you have produced since you started compromising quality. If you have produced half a million cans then you have indirectly killed half a million people. I know this is hard for you to believe but you used to see yourself as a super saint and you never for once thought that you had become irresponsible.
What about that contract you have with a young talented person who only had a dream. You took him or her in because this person had no money. This same person went home rejoicing not knowing it was a predator that has come disguised as a helper. You signed a deal and money came in but you have begun to deny the young talents of their dues. You keep making money through other peoples’ dexterity and you call it prosperity. All of these are only hidden for a while because the consequences will hunt when you have forgotten.
Do you still think it’s the government that is irresponsible? The people will always get the kind of government that they deserve. Do not forget that the people who are in government are not imported citizens of Pluto or Uranus or Saturn. They are people who grew up within the society and are simply reflecting the society to us. We have been irresponsible in a number of ways and that is why we manage to get so many irresponsible people in government. You may not want to admit this but they did not get into power without our consent. We knew about elections but we all sat down to watch them do what they intended to do. We knew some people were not qualified but we shut up and did not say anything about it. We knew the people who were getting into government positions with fake results but we said nothing about them. They used to be our classmates and we all knew they did not pass. Are you denying you know such people? How else do you describe irresponsibility?
I may not have mentioned your specific area but I am sure that your conscience has pricked you. You were constantly thinking about that area and hoping that I would mention it for you to confirm that it was wrong. I don’t have to confirm. Your conscience has said it all!

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