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President Bill Clinton in his inaugural address after his election as President of the United States made a remarkable statement and that was ‘There’s nothing wrong with America that cannot be fixed by what’s wright with America.’ When in deep thoughts I think we can agree that indeed, there’s nothing wrong with Nigeria that cannot be fixed by what’s wright with Nigeria! Capacity building and manpower development are things that happen so easily in other countries and they can also happen here in Nigeria! Infrastructural development is the pride of leaders in most countries of the world and when they recount their success, they brag about infrastructure! Nigeria should not be an exception to having leaders who can brag about the infrastructure that they have developed!
The major issue in fixing a nation or developing a nation goes beyond not having enough resources, having people of different tribes to deal with or even saboteurs within or outside the government! It boils down to having a true vision for the people and the strong will to see the birthing of the vision. It is unfortunate that most people think that national development is about just getting into leadership positions, setting up cabinet and appointing people to rule with them. When a leader does not have a heart for the people there is nothing the leader can do that will go down well with the people or truly develop the nation! We need to take our focus away from just creating or duplicating processes and spending unnecessary resources or hard working Nigerians to fund those processes!
If anything has worked in other nations, I strongly believe that it can work in this nation! What is the vision that our leaders have? I hear so many people shout about vision this or vision that and they tag some years to the so-called vision but when you read through you will find out that it’s just an empty intellectual piece that they have put together and called a vision. A true vision may not even enjoy the luxury of any intellectual explanation but when you hear it, it will connect to your heart!
I am of the opinion that we do not have a complex problem in this nation, we only have people in leadership positions who really have no idea what they ought to be doing and they do not have a true vision for the people they are leading. Some of the people who have found their ways into leadership are people who simply got their by chance and can be likened to an individual who asks people to get into a plane and then tries to find out how the plane should be flown or what plan should be used in flying the plane!
What we need to do is really simple! Nigerians have made mistakes and may not realize that in time but the earlier we come to our senses the better! We have been electing people for the wrong reasons and that needs to stop! We need to elect people based on their visions and their proven ability to lead effective and efficiently or even authoritatively where necessary. We cannot afford to watch people destroy our nation using the resources they are gathering from us! This nation needs to work on building the communities and not just laying claims on empowering people without doing anything other than giving youths stipends that will be spent in a few hours!
To develop this nation we need to:
Offer free education to the citizens and truly educate our citizens
Create platforms for the people we are educating and ensure things get done by merit and not who knows who! We have to build infrastructure and make it easy for people to get things done.
Our leaders must create an encouraging atmosphere for entrepreneurs starting from registration process to accessing funds and as well getting partnerships for growth.
We need to produce our own food and not always eat what others produce which we will always pay for in a big way compared to when we produce what we eat.
I cannot take all that my heart carries at the moment but we just need to change the focus of leadership in our country and let people enjoy the abundant resources in this nation!
I guess I still have the courage to say, ‘Happy Democracy Day, Nigeria!’
Fola Daniel Adelesi
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Fola Daniel Adelesi
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