Relagation is a “mind-set” – Fola Daniel Adelesi

You need to know that you can only be relegated when you have accepted relegation on your mind. there is nobody in the world who can push you to the backside of life if you have not given them your personal approval. Let me just ask you how many people you have given the opportunity to relegate you? How many people have you given the opportunity to take undue advantage of you? How many times have you empowered other people by making them feel that they have more power than you do when they do not?
You are the one who keeps relagation yourself to the back side of life because there is no one who can turn you to a slave until you have consented to being that person’s slave.
Now is the time for you to take a stand just like the first balck president in the United States – Barack Obama – has done. Take a stand against the people who want to make you feel they are more powerful and are trying to make you dance to their tune.
Let me remind you or introduce to you that power is a mind thing. Power only exists in the mind. Power is a question of perception. When you think someone is powerful you need to know that the person is only powerful because you empowered the person in your thoughts.
Whoever you call an influential person to you is only infulential because you have identified some personal values that make a person influential as far as youa re concerned.
Relegation is a mindset because it is one of the things you have allowed to set in your mind. You are a part of the masses becasue you think you are poor. You are part of the less privileged because you always think somebody should look down on you and help you. There is nobody who is relegating you. You are the one relegating yourself with you thinking. Once you upgrade your thinking you will no longer be relegated in life. Stop and break the relegating mind set.

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