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For very many people they just think life is about getting enough to drink, eat, wear and also having a place to sleep so that’s all they pursue in their life time and they never give any attention to the greatness that’s locked up on their inside. When their cycle of struggle for getting enough to eat continues until they dispense all their useful and youthful energy, the only other thing they do with their lives is to think and regret the fact that they could have done a lot more than just struggling for what they will eat in their life time. The question here is, why do people struggle for survival when there is greatness locked up inside them?
When you grow up in an environment where people hardly talk about greatness then it is not likely that you ever think of becoming great or achieving great things. There are only a few people who still manage to think outside the box and do some very meaningful things with their lives regardless of the ‘poisonous’ discussion that prevails in their environment about struggling to make it in life. In order for you to achieve greatness, you need to talk about it and let out some of those things that have been locked up inside you. For those who have been great, they learnt how to send words ahead of themselves and what they simply did was to invest words in their future.
You also need to understand that for those who have become great in life, they really were not just seeking to become great so that people can worship them and they will seat back to take the adoration of people around them! They thought about what they could do to help the people around them and make sure that life was a lot easier for others. The first and the most important thing you have to do is to find a point of service for the people around you and then serve diligently through that means. When you find the point of service the next important thing for you to do is to work on the excellent way in which the service would be delivered! There are so many people who are rendering services to others out of their free will but the reason the greatness in them will never be unlocked is that they do not seek to improve or attain excellence
One of the ways to do things in life is never to see the things you are doing as just a favour for the person who enjoys what you’re doing but to know that what you are doing is your responsibility to the society. I remember that as a student in my high school we used to say:
‘Great things must be done greatly
With a great mind
A great courage
A great energy
And a great persistent patience.’
I think that says the rest of what I should really say to get you out of your regular life and to start thinking about greatness but I would want you to think on these things: To become great you have to think beyond what’s enough for you alone. You must think about serving others
You have to see greatness
It will be important for you to seek understanding about greatness You must train yourself for greatness
When greatness eventually comes your way, you must learn to pass it on to others.
Ultimately and interestingly, you will find that a big part of greatness comes from serving other people and helping them get solutions to some of the issues they have to deal with. The average man thinks only about what he has to deal with but the great man thinks about what others are dealing with and how he can help! Will you settle for an average life or a great life?
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