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People all over the world have begun remembering the triumphant entry of Jesus into the temple and his eventual death. We have done this yearly for so many years but it has become an annual ritual to many, much more than it is a reflective period. A look around the world will simply show you the love for the fun in the season and not a yearning for the person of the season.
We are remembering this season because someone came to pay the ultimate price. It was the price to be paid with a life. In the scheme of things, it would have been our lives. We are the ones who did the things we were not supposed to do and the ultimate price for it was our lives. If we were to pay with our lives, we will probably not get a chance to put things right because we would have died.
Jesus was not here on earth just to show people that he was powerful. He came for you and I. He paid with his life a debt that we owed and were supposed to to pay for with our lives. Interestingly, even when we pay with our lives, our lives will still not substitute adequately for the errors we made.
I have a simple appeal. Jesus came to reconcile us back to God. God made a sacrifice by sending his only son to come and die for us. He watched his only begotten son hang on the cross just for our own sins. My appeal is that we should not allow the coming of Christ be in vain.
God wanted to reconcile all mankind to him so he sent his son to be the sacrifice. Kindly embrace this offer from God and his son. The death of Christ makes more sense when we look more to Jesus than man. It makes sense when we follow his commission also. Christ was here for you and me to take away our unrighteousness and give us righteousness. We will be failing Christ and be ordinary fun loving church goers if we don’t take his coming seriously.
The best thing to celebrate right now is our standing with God and not get carried away by the celebration.

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