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Many people sometimes wonder why others do not get as agitated as they are when they have some troubles in life. Those of us who believe in God cry out desperately to God and expect him to make something happen for us immediately to save us from looming embarrassments or avert some troubles. We expect God to respond to our anxiety and attend to our requests with the same sense of urgency that we carry or ascribe to the situation.
Now this is not to say that you can’t get others to see your situation as urgent or that God can’t respond the way we want him to respond. I am only writing to give a broader perspective to the response of other people so that we understand why they are not agitated when we are.
A few days ago I was watching the replay of a football match between Nigeria and South Africa in the AFCON 2019 games. I also saw a couple of other replays. I am not much of a football fan but I watch when Nigeria is playing and I get to learn a lot. When I saw the replay, I was very calm and I didn’t jump when the players were running towards the goal post. When the opponents approached our goal post, I also didn’t jump. I just remained very calm.
At that moment, I imagined if I was watching the match with someone who hadn’t seen the match. The person would have been very agitated because he or she wouldn’t know it was a replay. Why was I calm during the match? I had seen the match and I already know the results. Why would any other person be anxious? The person had not seen the match and would respond as things happen!
You see! That’s what happens sometimes when you pray to God. God had seen these things that are getting you anxious long before you got to that situation. Your life is simply a replay and God already determined and knows the outcome. So you would be anxious because you’re seeing those situations play out for the first time. God is not anxious because he determined the results and he knows what he determined.
When we also switch positions and we are the ones who have seen a match before, we simply become relaxed because we now know the results. The same thing happens when you watch a film with a lot of twists in the plot or a lot of suspense. If there is someone in the room who has seen the film before, the person is hardly surprised by anything. Only those who hadn’t seen the film would be surprised by the twists and the suspense.
Now my point is to ask you to calm down because God has seen this life ahead of you and knows the result was already determined to be fine. He did say that he knows the thoughts that he has towards you. He said the thoughts are thoughts of good and not of evil to give you a future and an expected end.
You have to rest assured that the one you are trusting is not only someone who has seen the end but is also someone whose plans can’t be interrupted. Anyone or anything that tries to interrupt his plans ends of working for his plans.
Everything you’re worried about right now or everything that’s getting you worked up is something that has already played out. You are seeing the replay and that’s why you’re acting like this. God played everything out the right way it ought to be and he’s still working to make sure the whole thing that concerns you turn out just the way he imagined and planned it.

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