Reposition for productivity| © Fola Daniel Adelesi

If you’re going to become productive and get as much results as you desire in life, especially in a New Year, or at any other time, one of the things you must do is to reposition. When you have been doing something from a certain place and nothing is working, it becomes very important for you to try the same thing from another angle, perspective or even a physical location.
When I teach the young people that I currently lead, I often ask them if someone selling Mercedes Benz car can go to a remote area and expect to make so much sales in that area. You and I know that’s not possible. Instead of sales, the car will be gathering dust. Several other things may even go wrong people the car will most like be in the midst of the people who don’t know the value. Since the value is not known to them, they may just be passing by and strike the car with a rod.
Going by that analogy, you have to know when what you carry is too precious for a certain environment and also discern when to run before they make you gifts, skills and physical products useless to you and the people who know the value.
There are people who also have gifts and are in a place where very few people know the value of what they carry and they few who also know the value can’t do anything to help them. You are not different from being in obscurity. When you look at product advertisers, they don’t just advertise for people to see their products. They put in place all the needed strategies to ensure that it’s the right people – people who need and can afford their products – that are seeing what they have to offer. In the same light, you need to start acting like the advertisers. Don’t just try to sell to anybody. Be sure that those you’re marketing to are those who need and can really afford your products.
If you don’t change your position things may not change. Think about your life for a while. You have been doing something from that position and you’re not getting your desired results. Why do you think you are not getting those results?
Let me say that repositioning in this case may not really be about a physical location. For some people it is a physical location and for others it is not. How then do you reposition for productivity or what do you bear in mind when you need to reposition? I think you must know that repositioning can be about the following:

  • Changing your strategy.
  • Increasing visibility through media and internet
  • Adding productivity tools or machines to increase efficiency
  • Advertising to a targeted audience that is perceived to need and can afford what you have
  • Positioning your brand before policy makers
  • Creating services for high end users or creating the same service at different costs for both high end and low end users

When you look at some of these things raised above, you will realize that in the internet world, you can simply reposition by changing a few things without changing your location. To reposition can actually be about doing things differently to get better results.
Take a look at what you’re doing this time and ensure you reposition for more and better result.

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