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I once tried a long distance race but after a few rounds I was struggling to catch my breath. Nonetheless I discovered some secrets in becoming successful when you are enrolled for a long distance race. I realized that those who did not know too much about it were putting all their energy into the race at the beginning. They start out well and get everyone’s attention. The ovation becomes very loud and they sometimes get carried away with enjoying the ovation. While all of that is going on, the main people in the race who know the secret just stay on trying to preserve their energy.
The race continues and things begin to change. Towards the end of the race, all those that seemed to have started well and were caught up in the ovation from the crowd would have been trying hard to catch their breath. While they are trying to catch their breath, some people now start using their energy.
At the time when some are losing their energy and some are just beginning to use theirs, the ovation becomes loud again but this time for those who have just started using their energy. By the time the race will end, you will see that the people who didn’t seem to start so well still got a chance to finish well.
You may not seem to have started so well but I guarantee that you can still finish well. When you look at the process for putting up a building, you will realize that the builders don’t always start in a colourful way! They start by probably clearing bush and digging the foundation. Once the foundation has been dug to the required depth, which depends on the projected height of the building, the builders start building gradually. Everything will look rough! There could be so much noise going on with scaffolding around the building. When that is done and the building is ready, they install all necessary facilities and then finish it up by painting. Painting is the last stroke to make the house look so beautiful and very attractive!
Why do they reserve the painting for the last phase? It is the final chance. The last opportunity to convince people that you knew what you were doing all along even when the building didn’t look like something meaningful! They reserve the beautiful painting for the last lap of the project!
What does that tell you? Just as the main energy is reserved for the last lap of the race, it is in this last lap that you must also bring up your energy! And the same way the painting crowns all the effort of the builder after building a house, it is time to crown your own efforts from the beginning.
This is not the time to seat and say that you have not done much! Just look at the time left in the game and make a difference! I have seen a couple of films that involved basket ball and you seem one team losing with a few minutes left in the game. In some cases the coach encourages the team to put in their best to win within the few minutes left in sometimes the players just remember something that spurs them on to win!
For me the interesting part is how the game changes within the last few minutes in favour of the team that seems to have been losing! Does it seem like you have been losing, well you can still bounce back to victory and win this game. You have the last lap so get up, get back in the game and go on to win it! The time left is all you need! The energy left is all you need! The last strategy that you haven’t tried is all you need!
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