Resources respond to your imagination | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

I think it is very important for you to note that the only thing that can stop or limit you in life is your imagination. Many people think that they are limited because of the challenges that they face. They think they can’t do more than they are doing because they don’t have money or people to support them.
You see, that’s the trick of the imagination. While others are imagining limitless opportunities and they are breaking new grounds daily, you are probably thinking about who is not helping you or the money that you don’t have. You are imagining just like every other person but what do you spend your time imagining?
If your time of imagination is spent thinking about limitations, you may see more of those. If you will commit to spending more time thinking about opportunities, you will be amazed that what the results will be.
Sometimes, the problem is that it is a lot easier to see problems than to see opportunities. It will be so easy for you to see what is not working around you that can work against you. You can easily see that you don’t have enough money and that can potentially stop your education. You may be looking at the capital to start that business and what you are saying is that the capital is so huge where will you get the money to start?
Those physical things that you see look like your limitations but they are honestly not your limitations. If you want to know what your real limitation is, think about your imagination. How big or how small is your imagination? That will tell you the real issues that you have. Many have been looking at those things around instead of focusing on the things within them.
You can’t think small and expect big results! Your input is going to be commensurate with your output. It is only when you think big that you can expect big results. Even if you think big and you get your big results the first time, you don’t stop there. You have to consistently think big. That means your imagination must be at work all the time and it has to be consistently creative.
I have found out that those who look for resources hardly get them but those who expand their imagination begin to see the resources they need respond to them. That’s why some people have said that provision is for the vision. So if you want provision, you must get a vision coming as a result of a great imagination.
So long as you can get that vision out of your imagination, you will not have to worry about resources. Just keep imagining and you will see things happen. If you get into the Bible in Genesis 11: 6 ‘…now nothing that they propose to do will be withheld from them.’ Another version uses imagination in the place of ‘propose.’ God also said to Abraham, as far as your eyes can see.
Trust me, resources will not respond to your limitations. They will only respond to your imaginations. Stop talking about the limitations around you. Start imagining the things you want to do and swing into action.
When you complain, nothing happens. When you imagine, opportunities show up. When you act, resources are released.

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