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Life is full of rejections and you must understand that it is share waste of time to always seat back and do nothing because of the fear of rejection. Sometimes when the rejection is properly handled what happens at the end of the day is that the rejection helps you launch to another level in your life.
I have seen a lot of people talk about how some others have greatly succeeded in their endeavours but we often do not talk about the rejections that the people have faced. Some of the greatest entrepreneurs that you know today became very great because of the rejections they have faced in their places of work. I once remember listening to a young man giving a testimony about the success of his business but he did say that this was a business that he started as a result of the fact that he could not get a job. He went out one day for an interview but found so many people who had come to apply for the same job. He became frustrated upon consideration of his chances among the other applicants and today he has employed some of the people who were at that interview with him.
Rejections will help some people to straighten up whenever it comes and it will make some other people bend. You have to be careful to make sure you don’t always fold up after every rejection that you face. I once read about Walt Disney who had been to so many newspapers with copies of his cartoons but was rejected again and again until someone finally asked him to start drawing for a publication. Today there is no dispute about the fact that Walt Disney pockets the most covetable income from the cartoon works from all over the world.
A popular eatery came alive in Nigeria after the founder of the eatery was fired from her former place of work. Today the eatery does billions in revenues every year but it all started after the woman who was fired had to start thinking about something else to do. I was told that the husband taught her to fry chicken and was to sell from the boot of her car.
When we open our minds or close our minds toward rejections there are usually two things that happen to our advantage or disadvantage. When we open our minds during the rejection it usually opens up our creativity or better still inspires us to another level of creativity. When we do not open our minds during rejection or do not properly accept the rejection then it often reduces our creativity or shuts down the creativity in us completely.
Little wonder the professor of theology and ancient doctor of philosophy in the Jewish community said, ‘For our light affliction – rejection, opposition, condemnation, criticism – which is but for a moment, worketh for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory’ (2Co 4:17 – KJV) Emphasis are mine!
Drawing more inspiration from the above quotation I need to remind some and say to others that the rejection will only be for a while. The world will try to stop you but you will have to take a decision to remain unstoppable!

Fola Daniel - God works under ground but displays results
Fola Daniel - God works under ground but displays results

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