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One of the easiest things to do in life is to sit and do nothing hoping and desperately desiring a change of status! That’s why you find a lot of people who are not taking responsibilities but they have bigger wishes than you can imagine and sometimes those who are doing something worthwhile will open their mouth and wonder how they come by such amusingly interesting wishful thinking. You should not have any excuse not to take responsibilities such that when people see you, they start devising how to avoid you because you have become a burden to them.
I recently heard Dr. David Oyedepo saying, ‘if you do not take responsibility you will become a liability.’ This is absolutely true of the situation that we have with a lot of young and some others in the society. They sit and do nothing because they are waiting for the government to provide jobs for them. They believe, as many people have told them, it is the responsibility of the government to cater for them and must give them jobs. If we must take diversion on this topic then I will ask that we look at it from another perspective. If you are waiting for the government to give you a job before you do anything, do you realize that it is not the government that will go hungry? Many of the people in government will never go hungry so long as they are in government. That is not to say I am justifying the fact that they are not creating more jobs.
People, especially the young ones, should wake up to a sense of responsibility and see things from a different light. While you are clamouring for job creation, there are your colleagues who are talking about creating enabling environment for young people to get into business and they have started businesses already. There are some of them who have borrowed money to start and a few others have started from their savings. There are still others who did not borrow and did not have savings but they had the services they could render and after some time they began to make some money out of the whole thing.
This is not only about people getting jobs so I must quick say that the wife or even the husband in a home that is not taking responsibility will become a liability to the family. While one of the couple is working very hard for the family to have results, the other might just be draining the results of the family and at some point it will become unbearable for the other person in the relationship to just watch and let all the results slip away with nothing to account for at the end of the day.
As worker in your company you also need to take responsibility in order not to become a burden to your boss and the entire company. You should not be the one delaying the job of your unit and ultimately making the company spend more than necessary or lose out on what’s coming in. you need to brace up.
What you need to do is to take a look at your situation again and make a list of what you can do and make sure you do them. If you don’t have a job then think of what you can do. Don’t say you do not have a job! Many of the people who say they do not have a job will automatically get going with something if they do not have free food, free shelter and probably free cloths.
Get up today! Stop being a liability to yourself, to your community and to your nation. Take responsibilities!
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