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All over the world today, sons and daughters of God are celebrating the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. That is very significant to us because the Apostle Paul already told us that if Christ is not risen then our faith is in vain.
While his resurrection means a lot to so many people, I will want to take it from the perspective of restoration to many of us. You should know that the power of resurrection is that power that can give you restoration as though you lost nothing.
There are those who are mourning and are in serious pains for weeks, months and even years. When you encounter the Lord Jesus he will take away the pain and give you full restoration. If you are already in the Lord then you can key into the remembrance of his resurrection.
He said to us that he is the resurrection and the life. that means when we invite him to be apart of who we are and let him take over our total being, he resurrects every dead thing and becomes our very life. That way, it becomes totally impossible for us to die. His is our life and we share his life that cannot be cut short.
Ill give a story that you can learn from and see how God works. A man was working in a company and haven risen to the level of a Senior Manager lost his job. For seven years he was jobless and he had a wife and children to take care of.
You dont need anyone to tell you how hard it would have been for this man to take care of his family in those seven years of hardship where they have to eat, pay bills and send the kids to school. During those seven years, this man got born again and started praying seriously.
When the resurrection and the life intervened in this matter, the same company that fired him recalled him and gave him a higher position that that of a Senior Manager. So when he returned, it was as those he never lost seven years at all. He was given full restoration as though nothing went wrong.
The scripture is replete with examples of those who experienced a turn around and at the end of the day it was as though they lost nothing. There may be things that have gone wrong in your life. There may be things that are dead. You may have issues to deal with and you just dont know where to take those issues from.
I want to simply ask that you talk to the resurrection and the life about those issues and when you speak honestly with him like a child to a father you will encounter his power. When his power is at work then you will experience restoration of all the lost years, jobs, properties, prosperity and any other thing as though you lost nothing.
Dont let this power of resurrection lay there waiting for you without you placing any demand on it. It is there for you and will only respond to your demands.
Have you lost anything that you think you cannot regain? Come to the resurrection and the life and he will give you full restoration. He is also able to do much more than what you can imagine so you can get far more than you lost.
Stop thinking about your loss and go to the one who can replace the loss today and he will surpass your thinking. At the end of it all dont just go to him because he can restore all things unto you but because he can restore life unto you so much so that you will never lose it even to death.
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