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To make this year a happy one for you there a number of this you must do apart from the plan which I expect you to have by now. One of those pivotal things is to always think about re-strategizing. There were probably some things you tried before now that did not work and they are things you still need to do, you should not try the same method that you already tried which did not yield results.
Everyone wants better results in the New Year. The career professional wants to climb up the ladder and the business man wants the productivity of the company to increase. He knows that the company’s productivity is dependent, to an extent, on staff productivity and he will begin to think about how he can use them to get the increase that he wants.
In our personal lives there are a few things that we want to do and get good results. We may have done it before and have gotten results but now we want better results so there will be the need to restrategize in our personal lives too.
If you are married you will definitely need to rework your strategy. Maybe you have a low income and that has brought some crisis into the marriage you have to create a new strategy to get income and ultimately save the marriage. You have bills to pay and children to take care of so all of these will necessitate the need to restrategize.
More importantly, there are people who also want what you want. Or maybe I should say there are those who are competing with you and you know that. So if you must out-perform someone or outshine a contemporary you should change something in your strategy.
How to recreate your strategy or what you change in your strategy is very important because that is what will determine the difference in the results! So how can you restrategize? A few things you should do are:
1. Review and pick out what did not work for you before.
2. Ask questions to find out why it did not work.
3. Do you know anyone who did the same thing and excelled at it? What can you learn from that person?
4. Change something in your brand or packaging. A new perception always goes a long way!
5. Never be a lone ranger. You can do more with the right people working with you and in less time. Smart people don’t necessarily know it all but they know who to talk to on different issues to get results.
Review the people in your network. You may need to kick some people out and bring new people in. if there’s anyone who does not contribute and constantly takes, you want to spend less time with such. Create more mutually beneficial relationships!
6. Are you doing what you feel like doing or what people feel you should be doing? Live your own life and not the life of others.
7. What needs are you meeting? You should be meeting the needs people say they have and not the needs you think people should have. It may not always work.
8. Do I need new skills or competence? New levels or new platforms often require new skills. They may not be entirely new set of skills but there will be the need for you to polish what you already have and work with it.
I believe that as you strategize again, there will be better results compare to what you have had before now. Don’t stop at what you have and don’t be discouraging by what you’ve gotten so far! Keep reengineering the process and things will turnaround for good!

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