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There are several lessons to learn from the death and resurrection of Jesus and one of them is the fact that your results will validate your confessions. Jesus told the people he was going to die and he would resurrect. He said this to them directly and indirectly. Some people did not understand and those who understood were wondering how it was going to be possible. They did not believe what he said but he knew what he was saying and that it was going to happen.
Can you imagine Jesus standing in the midst of several thousands and telling them the things that had never happened before? He did not only tell them that those things would happen, he made them understand that they were going to happen through him. He told them how he was going to destroy the temple and rebuild it in three days. What? That’s absolutely impossible! How would you do or even dare to say that?
I think that even if Jesus had said those things in this present day we would have given him the same reaction that those men of old gave him. He said too many things that challenged their thinking. Those words were too deep for them to process or imagine how a man was going to make it happen.
You need to understand that is what is happening in the minds of those you are talking to about your dreams who find it hard to believe what you are talking about. They cannot imagine how it will happen. They are trying to process it in their brains and the commands are not getting or giving good results.
If you use a computer very often then you know what happens when you give a command that the system does not understand. It will tell you error. Sometimes when you continue the system may hang while trying to process your messages. That is what is happening to the people you are also talking to about your dreams. Jesus also tried to talk to them about his dreams.
They could not process what he said and they told him ‘error’ – impossible. Who are you and where are you from. How shall these things be? It has never happened and it will never happen. Nothing even you can make it happen regardless of the fact that we have seen you heal people and feed thousands out of a little boy’s lunch pack.
Guess what? Jesus did not argue with anyone on the possibility of his dreams or the confessions he made about himself. He didn’t get bitter that they did not believe what he said. He didn’t look at them and say you better believe because I will make sure you don’t enjoy with me when things happen the way I said them. He just kept saying it until it was time for those things to be fulfilled.
They did not believe he was going to die and rise the third day as he said. When he died, a lot of them started remembering that he said he was going to rise on the third day. They now wanted to stop that confession from coming to pass. From this we see that there are people who will not believe whatever you tell them and there are those who don’t believe it but will still take a step further to make sure what you say does not happen just in case it is true.
Why is it that the people did not believe Jesus was going to rise yet they went to put a stone in front of his tomb? There are people who will tell you they don’t believe your dreams and are also making moves to see it does not happen.
The important lesson for me today is that while the people did not believe what Jesus told them, he kept doing what he needed to do until the results he predicted eventually became a reality. Don’t focus on those who do not agree with what you have said or are saying. Focus on what you need to do and say. At the end of the day, just like in the case of Jesus, your results will silent all contrary opinions.
This is one of the lessons we can get from the way Jesus lived his life and fulfilled his ministry. Emulate him today and don’t dissipate energy on convincing people who will never believe you. Always remember that results will validate your own confession and silence all contrary or doubting voices.

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