Retreat and Reappraise | Fola Daniel Adelesi, ASM, ACL, Wcc

Retreat and Reappraise | Fola Daniel Adelesi, ASM, ACL, Wcc
For any vision to be truly fulfilled the visionary must always find some very good time to retreat and reappraise the work that has been done and the results that have been achieved. When the treat is ongoing, it is easier to assess results and see if the strategy engaged is producing the desired and if it can continue to produce the needed result.
For a lot of people, the strategy they have started with is the only strategy they will continue to engage and things will not always work that way. Sometimes when you draw back from the project you are handling to do a reappraisal you may realize that it is okay to go on with your strategy but there are still a few tactics that will need to change in the things you are doing.
The uniqueness that we offer in the services we render or the products we produce always come of taking out that little time so that what we are doing may become more productive. We must get to a level where we realize that it is not the amount of work we do that will always produce the result that we desire. I remember the story of a man who said, if I have 2 hours to cut down a tree, I will spend 1 hour 30 minutes planning how to cut the tree and spend 30 minutes cutting the tree. This is to show you how much of understanding this person has when it comes to planning and reappraisal of what you are doing.
When we learn how to retreat and reappraise, these are the things that happen:
1.We see whats not working for us!
2.We may see what needs to change.
3.The chance to consult over our strategies and to improve it comes!
4.We chart a new course and create a better plan
5.We will save up energy that could be applied fruitlessly
6.When energy is saved we also save resources that could be put into fruitless ventures
7.We end up saving more time for taking some time to plan.
8.We save ourselves the bitterness of working without result.
We cannot afford to joke with the importance of taking out time to review or reappraise what we are already doing. So many people keep saying they are so caught up in what they are doing and that they need to make it work. As much as I agree that they need to make things work, one of the things we must remember is that we cannot travel so fast in the wrong direction and still expect to arrive our pre-determined destination.
In order to gain the speed that a lot of people are looking for and still have the desired result, the time must we taken out to review and when we come back to the work we seem better off! Remember the game of football or any other game for that matter? The people dont just play endlessly or play from beginning to the end without getting a chance to reappraise! When the players get halfway into the game they are given a break and they get a chance to either change their strategy or apply more efforts at some strategies on ground already. As it has been seen in a lot of football games, the few minutes taken out to plan and reorganize usually pays off. Some teams bounce back with a burst of energy that helps them win the game and some others may not win the game but they can drag on well enough to get a draw and go home with a point.
Never, for whatever reason, underestimate the importance of taking some time out either as an individual, a team or even a big organization. You will end up saving more time, energy and resources in those times taken to reappraise.
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