Revelation and Productivity: A case study of shit business becoming serious business – Fola Daniel Adelesi

Revelation determines productivity because it is not a questionable fact that the amount of light available to us determines how far we can go in any area. When you enter a dark room you would have to wait for the light to come on before you can move at all and if you already know the room so well then you will just need the light to move swiftly. Whether you need the light to move at all or you need it to move swiftly the most important thing that must be recognized here is that the light is needed. It must also be noted that when the light is deem then the movement will be slow. When the light goes on and off then the movement will be interrupted again and again.
When you are using a torch in a dark place and the light keeps going on and off the light will slow down the pace at which you can work and in some cases it will take some time for you to get back into what you were doing before the light went off. We must come to terms with the fact that if we do not have revelation then we cannot be talking about productivity because it is revelation that determines productivity. In so many cases I have made references to the fact that it is not the amount of work done that results into productivity and I did not say that to discourage people from working. I have only brought to your attention the fact that you need to work smarter and not harder because you can be working harder and be more frustrated especially when you see people around you who seem not to be working hard and they are legitimately wealthy.
Some people have become angry and bitter and they have hidden resentments for the people who have what they desire to have. They look at people and begin to compare the amount of energy put into the work or compare the strength exhibited by people but when results are compared they conclude that life is unfair. If we must be fair then we need to remember that the strongest things in life are not visible things so that tells us why people may not have more visible input yet they have more visible results. Take for instance if you don’t have enough oxygen it will be so obvious to everyone around you that you don’t have enough oxygen and there can be pandemonium in the atmosphere. When you analyze the situation and you are talking about oxygen it will click in the brains that this oxygen we are talking about is not something visible but it has a great visible impact.
The case of oxygen also applies to revelation and productivity. Revelation must be taken as the oxygen of life without which you cannot produce result. Revelation, I make bold to say, may not be something entirely new to you or to the society. Sometimes it just could be an insight into the potential of something that every other has neglected. When people say something is useless then you receive an insight into its usefulness and when you are ready to take advantage of that then you begin to produce result.
Isaac Durojaiye, popularly referred to as Otunba Gadaffi, is a Nigerian who was trained as a security specialist and was personal assistant to Chief M.K.O Abiola, the presidential aspirant of the defunct Social Democratic Party (SDP) in 2003 general elections which, according to reports, was said to be the freest election in Nigerian History. When fortunes turned around for the popularly accepted philanthropist, beginning with his arrest by the military government and was eventually poisoned through a cup of tea, Isaac Durojaiye (Otunba Gadaffi) received an insight (revelation for business) about what he could do with human waste. According to him there was an event coming up and they also had to prepare conveniences for the people. That necessitated a brainstorming session which he was involved in. when it was time for execution he obviously had to money to execute the project but something came up that helped him out of the situation.
A rich man’s car was snatched at gun point from the driver and the rich man was determined to know if the driver colluded with the thieves or he was innocent. He was rich enough to forget about the car immediately but was determined to get to the root of the matter so Isaac Durojaiye (Otunba Gadaffi) was invited to investigate the matter since his training was in security matters. When he was asked how much he would collect for the job he said, ‘I just opened my mouth and said hundred thousand.’ At that time the money he needed for the idea he wanted to execute was just about sixty thousand naira. He called the Divisional Police Officer of the area of was then his friend and made available some cash motivation. Within one week the car was recovered and the investigations revealed that the rich man’s driver knew nothing about the stolen vehicle. For this he was rewarded with more cash so he had more money to do the job.
With this I want to address the job mindset of some people. Many expect that their jobs would make them rich and that their monthly earning will help them reach their financial goals but they are always disappointed when this does not happen. They always have some crazy bills to pay and taxes to meet up with but you need to understand that it is not just collecting money at the end of the month that will help you reach your financial goal.
What will inspire your productivity is the insight you already have waiting for a little scent of water (your income to be invested in it) and then your productivity will begin to show. It means that when you work for someone else you have no right to be bitter against that person because the person seems to be making more money and you are not. What you have to do is to stop seeing your boss as the person whose responsibility it is to make you prosper by giving you more money because he is making more money. Don’t ever expect more money because your company is making more money. Things don’t happen that way. The only way to get more money is to have an insight or revelation or and idea that you will nurture as a seed with the income you already have. With that you would have created a legitimate ground to make more money and you would not be bitter against someone for not raising your pay when you have not acquired and extra degree or skill. You cannot be asking to earn more when you have not added to your earning capacity!
The security consultant who now does, according to him, ‘shit business’ is meeting a need from the unexpected angle and is making good money. A popular slogan on most of his official vehicles reads ‘Shit Business is serious business’ or ‘You smell the shit we smell the money.’ Today he does not only talk about the shit business but also talks about Bio Gas because of an insight that is leading to his productivity. One of his contracts to supply mobile toilets to the Federal Government was worth over 400 million naira. He was supposed to buy the products for the government and make them available for a major sports festival in the capital city but the government realized they were not going to need the product after the event. He was called and the government negotiated the about with the promise that he could keep all the mobile toilets he would purchase for the government after the event! Today the shit business man speaks on the platform of the United Nations discussing shit on a global level and is the Vice President of a body that sounds like International Toilet Association. Even the highest paid bankers would have to work some years to be able to boast about a hundred million naira in their accounts.
There are monthly gatherings in Nigeria bringing together about one million people and these people need to use the toilet. He has a contract with some of the organizers of the events to supply the mobile toilets and there are strategic spots in the city of Lagos where his mobile toilets are sited. One day I had the privilege of ushering him into a meeting where he was supposed to speak and I asked him, ‘how’s business sir.’ His response, in his usual jovial manner was, ‘ah, as long as people are shitting (defecating), we are happy.’ And the truth is that he has to be happy because his bankers will always have figures to add up!
In whatever you do, be informed that more money is not what determines your productivity. It is more insight or idea or revelation that will determine your productivity.
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