Revelation as a tool for productivity | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

When many people hear revelation, especially the Christian faithful, they are likely to think about it as something so spiritual which can only be gotten by some specially anointed people in the church. The word revelation simply means to reveal something and it is a great tool for productivity in business and any other thing you want to do in life.
I have come to see that revelation is about who is the first to see something which was, until that time, a secret. Who is the first to see what others have not seen. There could have been a solution lying down somewhere for everyone to see but they all are seeing that solution as a problem. So you can talk about revelation when there is another person seeing the same thing everyone is seeing but in a different way.
How does revelation help you in life and in business? It was someone who first saw the possibility of a plane flying. It was another person who first saw the possibility of a car moving. There were computers years ago but Bill Gates got a revelation of computers being on every desk in many homes. Just a little over 5 years ago, we did not have tablets litter the whole place as they do now. Someone saw offices moving from desks into our hands and that was what birthed tablets.
You should also note that the first to see something new and to take action on that new insight is always highly rewarded. In the market place such people are referred to as market leaders. In some cases they can even create a monopoly so much so that any other person who tries to get into that space becomes frustrated.
With that you can also say revelation is seeing possibilities and following that lead. Most of the people you call inventors only saw something that others did not see. A number of the people who have become very big entrepreneurs are people who first saw something that many did not see or maybe they saw it in a different way.
If you want to forge ahead in your business or personal life then you must be asking yourself questions like ‘what revelations am I seeing?’ What new things are you seeing that too many other people are not seeing? Are there opportunities or possibilities that you are seeing right now that many other people are not seeing or are just ignoring?
We live in a world where there are so many competent people. There are so many intelligent business men and other professionals around. What you think you are doing well can be surpassed by another person who probably does not even have as much qualification as you do.
You may have been bragging, before now, about how hard you work and how thorough you can be with your work. There are those who are also better than you at that so the question is what will stand you out when there are better people out there?
The only option for being exceptional right now will be to see something that others don’t see. The beauty of this revelation again is not only to see but to see the right thing, at the right time and to act immediately.
If you see something that others have seen, it can no longer be called opportunities. It means you saw it late. The only way out will be to see that thing in a new perspective or see something entirely new. Seeing something in the right way is also important. If you see something new and don’t see it the right way, some other people might just overtake you and get things done.
From today, as you go about your business you should not only do business because that’s your field and your passion. You should be able to get revelation – see something new and be the first to see it and use it – in order to be ahead of your peers or the entire industry.

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