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When you are in some unpleasant situations of life, what changes the situation is not for you to change your location. If you change the location you will soon realize that the problem had nothing to do with the location. In that case, you should simply seek revelation for the situation. The moment you have the right revelation, what has been a big problem suddenly becomes a small issue. It is there important to note that your revelation, not relocation, will change your situation.
It is possible you must have seen people who are running from one place to another. Every year they change their apartments. They are in one state this week and when you call them in three weeks they have already moved to another state. They manage to stay one year in one country and the next they are in another country thinking and seriously hoping that the change of location will change the situation.
Is it that the location cannot change the results you are getting? I totally agree that your location can be a problem in some cases. If you are in the wrong location you might just be suffering for being in the wrong location. When you move to the right location things can change. It is also possible that you are doing something that someone else is doing. You both may have the same skills. In fact, you may even be better in all ramifications. If that other person is in a better location the person will get better results than you can.
Having established the fact that location can determine the results you get in life, you should come to terms with the fact that not all issues require a change of location. If you don’t deal with the real problem and you just keep changing your location then you are delaying the arrival of your solutions. You will also compound your problems.
Before you make a move, especially as a child of God, you should be sensitive to the workings of His Spirit and know if the right thing to do is to move. If you always seek direction you may come to see that there are times you have no need to change your location. You may need to change your strategy. There may be the need for a change of mindset. Sometimes a little patience will be all you need and at other times, the solution will be right in front of you. If your eyes are not opened to see it then you will be looking for it in other places.
If you get a revelation for the situation that you are in, all your struggles will seize. Other men will not be able to confuse you. Some people will come around you when you are in some trouble. It is possible they claim to be advising you. Please be prepared for those who will call you a sinner just because of what you are passing through. I like to remind such people that everyone is a sinner but grace is now available to us. Let me also tell you that there are those very spiritual people who will only attribute everything you are going through to a curse.
We all have to be very conscious of those who can take advantage of our situation to mislead us. Our Bible clearly says in Psalm 46 verse 10 ‘Be still, and know that I am God…’ It is not in jumping around that you get your desired situation. Some people may even want to blackmail you over your challenges. If you refuse to do certain things they will say, ‘can’t you see it is the devil that does not want you to move on in life?’ They also claim to be children of God but they give the devil so much power and give God so little glory with the words of their mouth and actions.
If you will not remember anything at all, please remember that it is not your relocation that will always change your situation. It is your revelation. Revelation may cause relocation, and if not properly interpreted or downloaded it may cause dislocation. Everything you need may also be available around you but without revelation, you will be looking for it elsewhere and other people will take what has been yours and has been with you effortlessly.
Seek revelation for that situation and you will be able to tell a different story.       

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