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If you do not know where you’re coming from, you’re not likely to know where you’re going to. In order to move from point A to B, it is important to note what’s needed at point B and what you did in point A that didn’t work but needs to be done differently at point B. Without this, you’ll hit the New Year with a new vigour but the same old mentality that cannot deliver results to you.
That’s why you need to review the previous year. When you do a review of the previous year, you can immediately see the things that you need to do to get the right results in the current year. To do an effective review of 2019, it is important to ask some questions and answer those questions. When you answer those questions correctly then you can rest assured you will should get better results. Some of the questions you need to ask include:

  1. What were the things you wanted to do in the previous year?
  2. What were the ones you were able to do?
  3. What contributed to the success of what you achieved?
  4. What hindered you from achieving the things you didn’t achieve?
  5. Who do you think could have helped you achieve better results that you didn’t work with?
  6. Is there a reason you didn’t work with that person?
  7. Which goal do you need to bring into the current year?
  8. Who are you going to work with?
  9. What kind of company did you keep last year that didn’t help much?
  10. How will you change the unproductive people around you and replace them with productive people?
  11. If the unproductive people are family and cannot be discarded, how will you reduce their access to you because you need to be productive?

You will be amazed that if you spend some good time answering these questions right, you would have solved about half of the issues you’re going to deal with in 2020 or any other New Year. You must be detailed in reviewing what you wanted to do but could not do. Was money an issue? Why was it an issue? Was planning or execution the issue? Do you need help with planning and execution?
How well you review the previous year will be crucial to getting results. Sometimes we want to do something that looks new but when you take a good look at them, you realize that those things aren’t new. There are just things you wanted to do a long time before now that you couldn’t achieve and didn’t bother to follow up on.
There are times you do not need as much help as you think you do. You simply need to check how you are doing what you’ve been doing and to change things. When you change what does not work you may get some amazing results.
Remember that nobody has everything figured out. That’s why you should not think that you’re not getting your results because you don’t have things figured out. One of the ways to figure things out is to do a proper review.

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