Revisiting your latent potentials | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

There is no doubt about the fact that we all have potentials. However, some have put theirs to full use, a few people are exploring and some others are just not doing anything with their potentials.
They wake up on a daily basis and they hope something great will happen for them. their expectation for something great is hinged on something on the outside. There is the hope for a better tomorrow or a change in environmental factors that ‘seem to be affecting’ them. They just think that if things can change on the outside, then life will be a lot better for them.
Things don’t have to change on the outside for life to be better for you. You already have things on your inside that can change the things on the outside so that you can get a better life. if you don’t like what you are seeing around you, the problem may not always be the environment. If you always think the environment is the issue, just take a look at everyone in the environment and ask yourself if everyone in that environment is going though the same thing and getting the same result. Is everyone in that environment poor?
Stop wasting your time and stop wasting your life. There is that potential that you have within you. If you don’t revisit it you may never get that big miracle you are looking for in life. You have the potentials but it is just there and it is not useful to you and the society. Why carry so much within you and be looking for so little on the outside?
Isn’t that what many people are doing? What they carry within them is far more than the things they are asking for from other people or expecting from the government of their nations. You are even the hope of your generation but you are expecting someone else to come and give you hope. You are the spark in your generation yet you are waiting for a push on the outside.
How come you are not what you are supposed to be and you are now looking for something far less? The reason is simple. You have much more within you than you are looking for somewhere else. What you have to do is to revisit your latent potentials. You are too loaded to be roaming around asking people to help you. You are supposed to be helping others going by the weight of the potentials that you carry.
I know you may be going through a lot. Things may seem tough for you and you just may not seem to have any way out. What you have to do is to look inwards. I strongly believe that you are more on the inside than what you look like on the outside. That is so because you have latent potentials that you are just not paying attention to.
Take a bold step today. Do something different from what you have always done. Ensure you move your life forward and do that by starting a serious work on the potentials within you. Stop allowing those potentials of yours to lay fallow. The potentials were not given so that you just carry them around. You got the potentials so that you can work something out with them.
I should also add that you are not the only one who needs what you carry. There are several people out there whose potentials will only be unlocked when you start unlocking and constantly reworking your potentials. If you don’t work on your own potentials then you deny others the opportunity to even find theirs and see what they can do with it.
It is very important that you revisit your potentials, work on them, refine them and put them to use. This will benefit you and eventually benefit your generation.

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