Reward system for team building – Fola Daniel Adelesi

1.) Do not presume that the salary you are paying your people is enough to motivate them. People usually outgrow the things that get the excited after some time.
2.) Let there be a performance indicator that will deteremine how people will be rewarded so that some people in the team will not feel cheated.
3.) Don’t motivate people based on personal sentiments because other team members will expect the same and when they don’t get it they may withdraw their support which means their productivity level will drop.
4.) Once in a while you can pay for the lunch of every team member.
5.) It will not harm you to offer an all expense paid vacation if you can afford that or you travel with your team to a serene environment once in a while to refresh and relax.
6.) You can have award ceremonies specially to recognise efforts of your staff.
7.) You can do a weekly check on the borad for the staff of the week or staff of the month because your team member also wat to be recognised when they do things well.
8.) Make sure there is positive affirmation through words when people do things well.
9.) You can sometimes reward people with a short break even when they are not due for a break from work just to show that you reckon with the kind of hard work they have been doing.
10.) Let your members know that they come first in your team’s financial plan because if they know their rewards are at stake then you can be so sure that their commitmments are not guaranteed at any point.
11.) Plan your reward system to accomodate promotion for those working hard. People should not workd hard and remain on the same level all the time especially if they have acquired new skills.

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