Rising through expectations | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

When you have no expectations in life you should not expect much from life because you will always get to that level where you need to set expectations and it is through your expectations that you will determine the next level of your life. I have worked with expectations at different levels of my life and I see that you cannot get some results in life until you have clear expectations. You can rise in life by saying what you want from life but let me also quickly say that it is not just about saying what you want but working on it and see it happen for you even beyond what you have planned!
Those who do not have expectations are definitely billed for frustration and you cannot sign up for frustration while expecting things to turn out the differently for you. To have an expectation has to do with setting in your mind the next level where you want to find yourself, the people you want to be dealing with and the kind of things you want to have attained at a certain time. When you have this set in your mind and you also work towards it you often find that things happen for you that can exceed your expectations.
I see so many people working very hard in life but they do not have any expectation apart from working to get paid. All they expect from life is the exact payment for what they have done! Some people are so humble that they think it is greed to expect more from life than you have worked for and they also forget that there are times when you have worked and life gave you less than you deserved!
Set expectations and let them be really good, and high if you will let me add, for your life and do not be afraid in doing so. Life gives to us what we deserve and what we expect! Some people only stick to what they deserve and do not know they can also get what they expect from life. There was a time in my life when I set expectations about when I wanted to get married. When I finally got married I realized that I got married within the time frame of my expectation. Before I met my wife I was to travel for the National Youth Service Corps in the northern part of Nigeria and I also set expectations about meet my wife and it also happened. Recently as I began to think about expectations I realized that some of the people I am working with right now are those I have once imagined that I would work with so I can always see how your expectations play out in real life only when you have set them beforehand.
I honestly think that you can get to any level in life just by working with expectations but one other thing you must do is to always prepare yourself for the kind of expectations you want from life. Don’t expect to be doing business at an international level and not prepare yourself intellectually for such! Don’t expect that you will be meeting with Presidents of nations and you are not learning social etiquettes regarding how to comport yourself or what to wear and how to speak in such meetings! If you want to run conglomerates you need to start learning from those who are running such right now and see what structures they have in place. Learn how you can improve the structures and what you can also do to stand out as if nobody ever did what you did before you.
Remember you can rise through expectations so set your expectations and prepare hard for it so that you can have it play out before you in real life.

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