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There are several things that will happen after you have honed your skills. One of such great things is the possibility of rooms opening for the gift. Rooms can only open for skills that have been polished or refined.  Rooms or opportunities remain closed for the skills that have not been sharpened or refined.
What will be the essence of honing a skill and not having a room for the skill? Any skill that you have honed needs room for expression. It could be a skill that will be useful in the workplace or in the society. So long as you have developed the skill, it is very important that the skill gets a room for expression.
‘Seest thou a man diligent in his work, he shall stand before kings and not mean men.’ That’s probably one of the most famous quotations from the Bible, It can also be interpreted to mean that anyone who has hone his skill and works consistently and diligently with it will have opportunities to stand before great people. As you use the skills, it’s going to be like using a key to open great doors.
Another quotation from the Bible that you may have heard is ‘the gift of a man maketh room for him.’ While in some context this gift refers to physical gifts given to someone, it can also be adapted for the skills of a man. The skills of a man will make room for him and bring him before great men.
Please note that this rooms before great men cannot open until you have developed those skills or you have honed – refined and sharpened the skills. So many people have skills but not so many people will make it to the presence of kings. A few will even get the opportunity to make it to the presence of kings but they will not be prepared for that meeting with the kings.
You can’t afford not to be prepared when your opportunity to meet with the kings come. You have to be prepared and that is why you should start with working those skills. As soon as those skills have been refined then opportunities will start opening for those skills that you have developed.
It may interest you that when you start out, it will look as if the opportunities are coming in trickles. Sometimes you will have to wait for a while before another one comes. There may be other times when you do not have to wait. You will also get to a level where the opportunities become so regular that you may need more time to attend to them and maximise them.
Those great moments you have been wishing for will come. Those opportunities you have been expecting will come. The greatness you desired will eventually come. The most important thing is for you to have been prepared by the time they come.
Again I will like to make reference to two well-known men in the Bible. They are David and Saul. From all the things we have read about these two men, it was obvious that Saul stumbled on greatness and eventually fumbled with the greatness. In the case of David, he prepared for greatness. He had it rough and made his mistakes but he sailed through because he prepared for it.
Sometimes when I see people who are worried about succeeding, I wish I could clearly tell them that what I am worried about is their ability to sustain what they are wishing for when it eventually happens.
So long as you are working on your skills and you are using those skills, rooms will open up for you so get ready!
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