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Let me start out by confirming my agreement here with Earl Nightingale who thinks, ‘we can let circumstances rule us, or we can take charge and rule our lives from within.’ From that statement you can deduce the fact that our lives are normally ruled from two places. We can have the life ruled from within or we can have the life ruled from outside. External forces become the dominant force over such lives and that kind of life has no freedom because of its subjection to external forces.
When your life is ruled by circumstances then you live your life based on what other people are doing to you or what other people refuse to do for you. When they ask you why you have not gotten a job you will keep talking about the government that has not given you a job. When they ask about some other issues in your life you will say it is because of some decisions made for you by your parents. At other times you will say you are under a spell. Everything you are going through will normally be attached to something rather than facing the situation headlong and admitting that you have to be responsible for your life.
Rule your circumstances and do not let the circumstance rule you. Life may not have treated you well but I bet there are people who have worse stories to tell compared to yours. You may have been thrown out of a house but there are people who have never known a house in their whole life! They have been sleeping in public garages and filling stations but you had a life. There are people who by no fault of theirs were born out of wedlock and had it very rough in life while growing up. You can imagine that their fathers ran a way and their poor mothers had to bear the cross alone. Maybe the mother had limited resources and could not get the child through school. We have heard of some cases like that where it is the child that will struggle through life and get back to school in order to get a good life.
Don’t expect life to offer you a bed of roses on a platter of gold. Anything you get has to be earned! That is why you will easily see all the negative circumstances around you but you have to create the positive ones around you. You may have heard that if life offers you a lemon, you have to make lemonade out of it. It means that life will offer all of us something. It may not be what we desire or exactly close to what we are looking for. The important thing is that life will offer you something and you have to make the most of what you are offered.
Stop playing the victim all the time. Stop saying your life is like this because you were a rape victim. Get a life and move on! Put your past in your past because it is the past! Look to the future and rule your circumstance. You have to rule your life from within in other to rule your circumstance. Don’t think that you will go one way in your mind and go the other way in life. We cannot always deceive ourselves in life. We will be exposed if our lives are ruled from inside or by external forces.
I guess I can make it a little simple by saying that if we let our conscience speak to us always and we obey, our lives will be ruled from within and we will truly have better lives to live. Rule from your mind and rule your circumstance!
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