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When Jesus was leaving this earth, he began to ask questions and one of the vital questions he asked was about the kind of faith he would meet on earth when he returns! In fact, he asked if he was going to meet faith at all on this earth! We all know that the words of our Lord Jesus Christ will not come out in vain! There is nothing he will say that will not be exactly as he has said it so my thought this day is, why did Jesus ask if he was going to meet faith on earth when he returns?
I’m not going to attempt to answer if there will be faith or not but I think we all need to look into what we call faith today and see if it is the kind of faith that Jesus was talking about or we don’t even have the faith at all! I think I can link this question from Jesus to what we have in the book of Hebrews which says, ‘For without faith it is impossible to please God!’ If Jesus is asking if there will be faith and the Bible says that it is impossible to please God without faith then we can also ask, ‘will there be God-pleasers’ by the time Jesus returns?
I need to say or bring to the attention of people that there will be a lot of people who do not get involved with anything immoral and you will never find them wanting in the spiritual things of God but their faith is still an issue! What then is the essence of being morally right or trying to have a right standing with God without faith when we already know that you cannot please God without faith?
While attempting to draw a clear picture of pleasing God out of faith and remembering that Jesus asked if he would meet faith on earth, I need to bring David into the context! David could never have been a man with right standing in the presence of God going by the law but he had a different heart! The kind of heart he had was not his goodwill that men talked about but his innate yearning for deeper things that God testified about! I can confidently say that he was in a mess at different stages of his life but had the faith to move on from the mess!
If we don’t have the faith to move on from our past, how shall we please God? If we don’t have the faith to go past our failure, how shall we please God? If we don’t have the faith to grow and also get things done, how shall be please God?
Many people talk about having faith but there faith is not in God! They don’t understand the faith that waits for God to fix things himself so they try to help God by fixing things themselves through others means and still say publicly that God has done it! Some only have faith in connections and their faith is always about who they know that seems to be well connected! Others have faith in who they know who has a lot of money and their faith is destroyed when those people don’t live up to expectations!
What about those who have gone to put their faith in charms or some other traditional rituals but openly profess God? Sometimes when people even mention God these days we need to ask if they are talking about ‘God’ or ‘gods’ because you can tell they’ve done something to assist their ‘gods’ in order to get to where they are! As a lady, do you have more faith in your seductive powers or in how many men are willing to go down with you in bed? Well you have two issues to deal with quickly! First the body is the temple of the Holy Spirit so you are grieving the Holy Spirit as we have been told not to do and the second is that you have taken your faith away from God and put it in your body which makes it impossible to please God!
This is a call to action! Jesus already asked if he will meet faith! Our job is not to prove him right or wrong because we can’t do that! All we have to do is to make sure He meets the God kind of faith on earth and in our hearts when he returns! I think that God kind of faith is what the trumpet will attract in our hearts when it sounds!
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