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Anyone who has no vision to run with will be run over by the visions of other people. It is already clearly stated in the Bible that where there is no vision the people perish. Another version says the people cast of restraints! The implication of casting of restraints is that you have no ‘guided living’ and you have no ‘course of action.’ When there is no vision it is okay for you to do just anything you like and whenever you like it or in any place!
From my very young experience in life, I have come to the understanding of the fact that there are so many problems that we should not be having only if we have a simple or easy to understand type of vision to run with! Too many people wake and just run in any direction that they think others are running towards! Others just wake up and don’t know what to do with themselves so they just remain static for so many years! The danger of even remaining static is that when you think your life is on one point, the other people in your category have moved on in life and those who were behind you have caught up with you so you are not actually static, you are retrogressing!
For too many people, vision is just such a complex thing to talk so we can say that vision is a dream, and idea, a revelation or as I like to say, ‘a course of action guiding your living and propelling your life. I called it a course of action because it is something you will always have to act upon and once you start it, there will always be another phase to it so it keep unfolding and becoming bigger! I also say affirmatively that it propels your life because once you drive your vision, it will drive you forward!
How do you even begin to create the vision, organize it and also run with it? It’s not for the sake of repetition that I like to talk about getting a vision at every opportunity but for the sake of clarity! One of the quick things you can do is to:
Look around you and take notes on whatever is a challenge to the people around.
Ask questions on why it is a challenge
Work on the solutions by consulting others or brooding over it to get the solutions.
Think about products or services you can create through the solutions!
Always tell yourself that most people don’t buy ideas, they buy products and services!
When you have done the few things above then you are ready to run with a vision so here’s how to get started:
Plant the vision in your mind! – There are so many people who claim to have visions that they are working on but the truth is that the vision is not yet planted in their minds! You cannot claim to be running with a vision that has not been properly planted in your mind. When I talk about properly planting a vision in your mind I can use the illustration of some TV commercials in your country! You will agree that there were times you unconsciously began to sing some of the songs you heard from the TV commercials! The read you sing those songs even when you don’t intend to is because the songs have entered into your mind and it has settled somewhere there!
I will have to stop here and continue in some other articles that I will be sending out shortly but you can always go to to read my series on vision and other important topics. Remember to have your vision properly planted in your mind!
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