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I am sure that you and I can learn one or two things from this and not just nod our heads about it. There should be something we can practically apply in our daily lives. I have decided to write on this subject following the feedback I got on yesterday’s post which was titled ‘Temptation for compromise.’
We all will admit that it is, in some ways, getting harder by the day to not go through your work or an organisation without the temptation to compromise in one way or the other. You no longer need to look for ways to cut corners. There is always someone bringing that ‘seemingly great offer’ your way. You both know that on the immediate, it looks good but if the law catches up with you there will be serious consequences.
Where the law does not even catch up with you, I am beginning to wonder what we call integrity if we can do something that’s morally or legally wrong just because we know that the loopholes in the law will not allow the law to catch up with us. Shall be continue to break the law because the law is week? Think on this for a while and let it resonate within you.
How do we now scale the temptation for compromise? I think the first and the most important is to be laden with the right values. There is no other priced possession that will be as important as being laden with the right moral and legal values.
It is important for me to say moral and legal because there are a few things that can be legal but are not moral. If we don’t build our values from scratch and before the days of adversity or temptation, we can’t build them on the spot.
There is no such thing as spontaneity with temptation. It is your inner values that respond when faced with the situation.
Apart from the values, it is also important to be in the company of those with shared values. Iron, they say, sharpeneth iron. When you have the right values and move with those with the right values, it is a lot easier to stay and sustain your values and character in the given situation. Your thinking will be the same and your expectations from challenging situations will be similar.
When the challenges come as they will, you will also find someone who is encouraging you to do the right thing. When you are not surrounded by the right people, you may find people encouraging you to compromise. They will not only encourage you to do it for yourself because of the situation that you are in, they will also encourage you to do it for them. They expect you to be willing to compromise on their behalf. If you now decided that you don’t want to do it, they may begin a blackmail based on their knowledge of what you have done before.
There’s never a good time to compromise and you need to avoid it as much as possible. If you do it once, there will always be someone who is willing to engage you to do it again. Beyond values, I always want to encourage people to have multiple streams of income.
The idea of multiple streams of income is very important because most people seem to compromise just because of financial constraints. There are people who can hold their heads high so long as their financial problems are solved. You can’t tempt them with more money because their basic needs are met. If that’s you, then you should work at making money from different sources. That way, you will not be forced to compromise on the basis of money.
There may be other things that make so many other people compromise. If yours is not money, find out what satisfaction you need to get and how to get it legally and morally so that you can always avoid compromise.
Here’s my final advice for you. Before you think twice about compromising, always remember that what the future holds for you is a lot more that what is about to force you into compromise!

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