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Think for a moment on those perfect ideas you had. There was a flash of inspiration and you just would not let it go. You grabbed a pen in that instant, trapped the inspiration by writing everything down. You spent hours and the hours turned into days trying to fine tune the new idea. Finally you got it ready as a work plan or as a proposal and it’s time to start talking to people about it or to even launch out. Then you become scared.
Why do we go through all the stress that we go through just to get things ready only for us to be scared about the very thing that we have worked hard to prepare? We get this boiling idea and we suddenly become restless when it comes. We get on the phone and make phone calls, go online to use search engines and also stat sending emails. Now we have all the information needed concerning all the things that we are working on and we are afraid to take the first step.
Some of us are like babies that want to walk. We are looking at other young babies walking and even running. Then the instinct in us tells us that we can do the same. We imagine ourselves walking or running, we make efforts to crawl and also try to stand on our own. Just when it’s time to take the first step we just stay put because we are afraid.
Do you have any idea how many people have the perfect plans with them? They have the perfect ideas and the perfect proposals but that’s just what it is; a proposal. It has never seen the light of day. It’s there is a locker or on top of a desk. They are probably even claiming to watch out for the perfect timing. When you look at what they have in mind or on paper, you can’t just disagree with them that they have a great idea. So the question is why are you not stepping out to do what you know is right?
Too many people are scared about what’s right for them to do. They have the plan but they are asking themselves if they can execute it. Others are willing but they are just asking if they will fail or succeed even before starting anything.
I think that sometimes the problem can come from wanting to have everything ready before we get started. If you are someone like me, I don’t wait to have everything ready before I get started. I start with what I have and keep improving. I just take the first step. Someone already said most of us don’t see the entire staircase before taking the first step. We just take the first one and keep taking the others until we have taken the last step.
In the video ‘The Secret’, I think that one of the most powerful illustrations is that of the headlamp of a car.  When you are driving at night, your headlamp does not see the entire stretch of the road. It probably sees about a hundred metres ahead of you. You don’t park the car because you can’t see the entire stretch of the road. You keep moving and as you move the light shows you new stretch of the road that you did not see before. If you don’t move you don’t see something new.
Have you thought about what you want to do or what’s right for you? There is absolutely no reason for you to be scared about it. If you do nothing because you are scared today, you will be more scared when you see the possible consequences in future for your inaction today. Do you want to live with the memories of regrets or the memories of courageous steps you have taken?       
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