Scope of Relevance – Fola Daniel Adelesi

Take for an example I know you are not going to call the telecommunications company when your wrist-watch is faulty. A faulty wrist-watch has gone beyond their scope of relevance to you. You are not going to call a barber when you personal computer malfunctions because that is outside his scope of relevance.
You must have heard that leadership is influence according John C. Maxwell but your influence in leadership, I must add, is restricted to the scope of relevance that you have built for yourself while rising through leadership cadres. If everything rises and falls on leadership then it must also be said that a leader is effective with the maximum use of his scope of relevance.
If you have ever wondered what scope of relevance means then I should save you the stress of any suspense because the meaning is not farfetched. Your scope can literally be interpreted as area in this context and some may be more comfortable using the word ‘coverage.’ Having told you what scope denotes in this context, it may now be clearer to you if I ask you what your leadership coverage looks like. The intention here is to make you put yourself under a consistent leadership check with the kind of questions I will ask through these pages.
Let’s begin with the personal skills that you have built into yourself. As a leader how many skills have you identified and are using effective as a way to profit yourself and consequently impact on the society? If you have one skill then your scope of relevance is limited to the area that one skill can cover. When your refrigerator goes faulty you do not call a glass cutter to fix it! You will not call a man to come an address a professional business meeting of engineers simply because he is a pastor. You will rather look for a pastor who is also an engineer. What this means is that you have to broaden your perception and consequently increase your skills as often as possible. You cannot choose to stay with one thing and expect to be ever relevant to people in several areas of their lives because you are a leader.
If you intend to be a truly relevant leader you have to build skills in some of the areas of the people you are leading or that you are likely to lead. Some leaders have a challenge with followers who do not seem to be approaching them all the time for help but they do not bother to check their scope of relevance as far as that person is concerned.
It should also be noted that to relate effectively with anyone the person must be under your scope of relevance. Some followers don’t trust your counsel well enough because they know that you are not skilled in their fields or because they think you know next to nothing in their field. Apart from having specific skills that people following you already have you can increase your scope of relevance through information in diverse perspectives. There are people who have been able to increase their scope of relevance simply because of their versatility.
Your scope of relevance as a leader is also as important as understanding that leadership is influence so you must not struggle to lead people you know next to nothing about. It is very important to also know something about the capacity or specialization of the people you need. You will agree this is true because you always get excited when you meet people from your professional field or people who share similar talents and skills or any other interests.


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