Just as I take advantage of this medium to welcome the “future” of Nigeria labeled as delegates of various countries to the Nigeria International Model United Nations’ Conference, it is of the essence to emphatically state that the first phase of the much desired climate change should, in my opinion, unashamedly, commence in our minds. This is the only platform that presents to us an opportunity to fashion out our desired society. No longer should we live in a society governed by a plethora of activities but with a negligible level of thinking. Come alive in your minds!
I am undoubtedly hopeful, having been spurred by two times participation in this conference, 2006 and 2007 respectively, that the Nigerian students carry in their bosoms the solution to a society like ours intertwined by strings of greed, half-baked leadership and shortsighted projection. NIGIMUN has consistently broadened the minds of participants and has again brought to our solution table one of the life-threatening issues that we face in the society. Let us together perceive that the whole idea is NIGIMUN standing as a taskmaster but this time around not in front of slaves but in front of “think-tanks.” Let us together accept the responsibility of solving the problems of the society. I have come across many problem analysts. I see them on daily basis. I hear them all the time but the most interesting thing is that monuments only get erected because of problem solvers and not the analysts.
On the other hand, just as you are preparing to attend this year’s conference, bear it in mind that the beauty of the whole thing is not in coming to prove to somebody that you are more intelligent. As much as we recognize and appreciate intelligence, we definitely want to see team spirit in display. Ambassadors should note that we in the secretariat would look forward to careful application of the terminologies of the Model United Nations as contained in the rules of procedure that will reach you before the conference. Sometimes it is fun to hear “point of order, point of information” and so on but it can be spine tingling when used out of context.
As I conclude, I want to specially appreciate all the ambassadors of various countries with embassies in Nigeria that have associated with NIGIMUN to make it a success over the years. All partners or sponsors and government agencies that have recognized NIGIMUN are also duly appreciated but we must say that passion for performance comes alive when hope is rekindled. We need more of your support to engage people’s minds positively. “Whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing well and must be done with undivided attention” – on the banks of committedly irrevocable support. “Point of information:” you are welcome to the 2008 Nigeria International Model United Nations’ Conference holding at the International Conference Centre, Abuja.
May God bless the work of your hands!
Fola Daniel Adelesi,
Secretary General,

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